Smart Toilet Just For You

Hey check this out, this is the “Intelligence Toilet” system, created by Japan’s largest toilet company, Toto, can measure sugar levels in urine, blood pressure, body fat and weight. The toilet, which starts at $3,500, was developed by Toto in conjunction with home builder Daiwa House Industry.

Users begin their toilet-room medical at the built-in urine analyzer, which collects five cubic centimeters (0.15 fluid ounces) of urine before analyzing sugar levels. The device cleans itself automatically after the one-minute long test. Users then move to the blood pressure monitor, within arm’s reach of the toilet, then weigh themselves on a set of scales in front of the basin and measure their body mass index (BMI) after washing their hands. Once results are taken, they are transferred to a home network, and analyzed on a computer spreadsheet. Advice about diet and exercise is then dispensed, without any human intervention.

Looking for toilet seat,this is Lotus- Smart Toilet Seat, by Lotus Hygiene System

Lotus Hygiene Systems Inc specializes in development and marketing of Smart Hygiene Seat products. Lotus brand products are manufactured in Korea by their partner factories.They take great pride to offer our Lotus series of Smart Hygiene Seats. Some products have great styles, full functionality, superb quality, and competitive pricing.

They commitment is to bring the best SHS products to consumers, and help people achieve a higher level of personal hygiene by improving their daily toilet routine.

At Advanced Toilets, Inc., they give first priority to customer service and spare no effort make sure our customers are satisfied and happy. Some offer for customers is ’90 day No Risk Return’, the first in the industry. This shows the confidence they have in their products and the commitment for full customer satisfaction.

You can get your own smart toilet from

Others toilet called smart because of their function, multiply function

This also we can put into category as a smart toilet. When you done with your business it will automatically flush by it self. It also will provide suitable temperature at toilet seat and this can be adjust using remote

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and this one

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