Investors are pushing for an external solution when moving to Adidas Top

A glitch has temporarily slowed down the traffic of the airline American Airlines at major airports in the United States. At Adidas urge investors to an external successor to the longtime CEO Herbert Hainer.

Supplier default brings Hella to wobble – cashed profit target The failure of Chinese suppliers is the automotive supplier Hella dearly. For consequential high special charges Hella has slashed its profit targets for 2015/2016, as the company is headquartered in Lippstadt announced after market close on Thursday evening. Accordingly, an operating result (EBIT) lower than in the previous year (+430 million euros) is now expected. 

GM closes 900 million compared in the ignition scandal
General Motors will pay hundreds of millions to buy themselves out of criminal charges in the scandal over defective ignition locks. The largest US carmaker has (795 million euros) agreed comparing more than 900 million dollars, as the US Department of Justice confirmed on Thursday. “For almost two years, GM has not only failed to disclose the fatal defect, but also – as the investigation of the Ministry of Justice show – actively seeking the traffic supervision NHTSA and the public vorzuenhalten the truth,” US Attorney Preet Bharara said at a press conference in New York. 

Investors are pushing for an external solution when moving to Adidas Top 
When sporting goods manufacturer Adidas urge investors to an external successor to the longtime CEO Herbert Hainer. Both the fund company Southeastern Asset Management and Union Investment preferred a candidate from outside, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Thursday. An External would rather for a radical restart at the company. 

NXP has to sell for the acquisition of its competitor a division 
The Dutch semiconductor specialist NXP has to sell for the takeover of its competitor Freescale from Texas a business. This was decided as the highest competition authority in Europe on Thursday in Brussels, the EU Commission.NXP must be separated from its high-frequency transistors division. The acquisition would have otherwise affected competition and resulted in higher prices, the European Commission based its decision. RF transistors come in base stations for mobile networks, in radio and television transmission, in microwave ovens, radios and air traffic control equipment is used. 

Technical glitch paralyzes American Airlines flights 
A glitch has temporarily slowed down the traffic of the airline American Airlines (AA) to three major airports in America. Due to “technical problems” have AA asked all machines at airports in Dallas (Texas), Chicago (Illinois) and Miami (Florida) to let on the ground, said the aviation authority FAA. In terms of daily passengers include Chicago O’Hare and Dallas / Fort Worth to the largest airports in the country. How many flights were affected, at first remained unclear.


Sungha Jung – Great Guitarist Kid

Today I like to share and introduce with you the kid named Sungha Jung from South Korea, have a great talent in playing guitar. When I was so tired doing my work, so I do find some song from youtube and suddenly I visit this music guitar “mission impossible” played by this kid. I totally amazed because he still small kid but he already looks like professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. I think he still 13 years old. Now I subscribe and starts enjoy his guitar plucking while I am doing my work on computer. What..You don’t believe eh kid can play very well? Hehe.. Try watch how this kid playing guitar for song ‘With or Without You’ from ‘U2 Medley’ by Doyle Dykes.

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Making website to take order

I few days I have been busy for this job, making a catalogue website. The purpose of the website is to taking order through online. It is like to build a shopping cart but it is just to take order. Payment and all the process like are still considered using meeting each other one on one.

I make this website using blogspot. In order to make it look like website all I need to do is edit html, I mean the blog template. I learn new things during I make this website, how to hide post label, author, date and time post and remove comment. I remove this entire thing to make it look like website. Hehe.. this is my simple idea how to make website using blogspot. It takes me many hour just to find simple, elegant and pro looking blogger templates. Oh I also meet of this template on making a simple shopping cart. Some other said we can make shopping cart using blogger. Try take a look at this template maybe you might like it.

DEMO | Download | Setup

I am not going to explain how to change the code, right now. Maybe later next time because I just want to post this so fast. Hehe.. later lah k. Other thing that must have in website to order your product is “email form”. I learn simple php code to make email form but it is not working. I don’t know why, hmm.. all order will enter spam email box. Then, I find this free service from now. We can get a free HTML form, web form, php form for your website. Now I have my order form. Yeah.. That all for now.. hehe..

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Day before Easter Sunday – Way of Cross Procession – Jalan Salib

From last week, for all Catholic Church and community in the world, we celebrate Palm Sunday then follow by Holy Thursday, yesterday were Good Friday, today are Holy Saturday and finally tomorrow were Easter’s Day on Sunday. Happy Easter to everyone hehe.. 😀 in coming day.

Yesterday was Good Friday, as cogitation for Jesus agony, around 7.30 o’clock in the morning, the Way of Cross procession has been held by Holy Nativity Church Terawi, Sabah community. The procession is divided into 14 sections, each marked by a small sign number and start from near Kg. Pudu back to the church. Of course for my remembrance, I bring my poor digital camera to capture picture.

Jesus died on the cross during Good Friday, and according to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected three days later, usually celebrated on Easter Sunday. Here are some photos that I manage to capture during the way of cross procession.

I do select some photo from other photographer during the procession. He looks professional with his big lens camera. Thanks for the photo Mr. Alvin. 😛

Happy Easter again to everyone hehe.. 😀 May God Bless you all.

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Allah Peduli – Agnes Monica

This is a nice song from Agnes Monica, singer from Indonesia, with the title “Allah Peduli” which means God is care. The song is in language bahasa that describe about love of God that care for everyone. For me the song is great and beautiful but because of the controversy which happens before, the song has been getting so many bad and rude comment by others party in youtube. The controversy is all about language, Bahasa to English, using the word “Allah” as God. Hmm…Ok, forget about the problem, I just want to say that, I like this song from Agnes Monica. God Bless you Agnes Monica.

Agnes Monica, Allah Peduli lyrics

Banyak perkara
Yang tak dapat kumengerti
Mengapakah harus terjadi
Di dalam kehidupan ini
Satu perkara
Yang kusimpan dalam hati
Tiada sesuatu ‘kan terjadi
Tanpa Allah peduli

Allah mengerti Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yang kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah dibiarkanNya
Ku bergumul sendiri
S’bab Allah mengerti


Fast & Furious 4 – 2009 – New Model, Original Parts

Last night 2nd April 2009, I was so enjoy watching new movie of Fast & Furious 4 (New Model, Original Parts). This movie was so great just like the previous movie before. First, I am planning to watch at One Borneo GSC but the problems are traffic jam, so I just stop at Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Kota Kinabalu. Who cares? hehe… as long as I can watch the movie. Fast & Furious 4 was directed by Justin Li, written by Chris Morgan, music by Brian Tyler and the Starring was Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster. After watch this movie last night, I recommend to everyone yeah.. Watch this movie, no regret to buy ticket at cinema and watch the original. After watch the movie, warnings do not apply the skill on the road hehe…

I also enjoy the soundtrack music of this movie,it is cool music. Here are the list of Fast & Furious 4 soundtracks.

01. Brian Tyler – Brian vs Dom
02. Brian Tyler – Crossing The Border
03. Brian Tyler – It’s On A
04. Brian Tyler – It’s On B
05. Brian Tyler – Judgement
06. Brian Tyler – Outta Sight
07. Brian Tyler – Revenge
08. Brian Tyler – Tunnel
09. Does It Offend You, Yeah – We Are Rockstars
10. Pitbull & Pharrell – Blanco
11. Pitbull & Tego Calderon – You Slip, She Grip (Mstr.)
12. Soulja Boy – Crank That (Travis Barker Remix)

Those who still not yet see the movie here is the Official Trailer

Previous movies
The Fast and the Furious (2001)
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
Fast & Furious (2009)

Vin diesel – Dominic Toretto

Michelle Rodriguez – Letty

Paul Walker- Brian O’Conner

Jordana Brewster – Mia Torentto

If anyone like to download, wallpaper, GPS desktop widget, buddy icons, myspace themes, winamp skin, aim expression, iphone and read more about Fast & Furious 2009, we can visit this website at, beside that we also can become fan of Fast & Furious in Facebook.

What are you waiting for 😛 get your ticket, watch the movie and feel the action. Yeah..!

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Happy April Fools’ Day to all you

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10 of the beautiful and cool themes for Firefox – Free and ready to download

Here are 10 of Firefox themes that I would like to share to all of you, let’s bring some style to our Firefox. Just click on the name to start download. Yeah..!

Foxkeh Theme by Foxkeh Theme Project

Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) Theme by Kasteo

Walnut Theme by Alfred Kayser

RedShift V3 Themes by C. Nicks

Mushroom Kingdom Themes by savaden

Red Cats (green flavour) Themes by Red Fat Lazy Cat

Tinseltown Theme by TwisterMc

MacOSX Theme by GOLF-AT

Pink-bee Themes by Raynard Loic

Avant, grade.10011: Rosa: 2.1 Themes by Rob.Holian

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Aramai Tii … Malam-malam

This is group photo for last night before all of us go home at 3a.m after celebrating birthday party for Emmanuel (Eman), Emmanuella (Adik) and Ezekiel Ernest Mojikon at Kg. Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

Automatic Capture in 10 sec, “I’m Sorry..” Only 1 pic hehe… 😛

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Earth Hour 2009 Sabah, Malaysia and My Cats Experience

Last Saturday 28 March 2009 8.30p.m, I and family turn off the light for 1 hour. What are you doing during earth hour? Me? After switch off light, I take out digital camera and take some photo hehe.. Unfortunately I only manage capture my cats and house photo, then “low battery” huhu… need to buy new battery lol..Then I went outside my house and watch the sky, I see that the random of stars make the sky beautiful.

After that, the light still off but I turn on my TV hehe.. yeah.. I am waiting for my favourite TV program Akademi Fantasia 7 (AF7). Well at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the Bernama online news I see picture from Anuar Isman that show Petronas Twin Towers went blackout. Nice picture I here in this post.