Memory Remains

Daily memory of 2007 before we enter the year of 2008

Yeah….!! The winners get a
big present gift, after “Gimbok”
name appear.

oh..Don’t feel jealous
Everyone got their present

Oh… My cat became Santa Clause
Hello name is Blacky

Sometimes we need to release tension
(Camera trick only)

Christmas Eve party

Reunion Geng Ina

” Tou onu kozo solita..”

We are on action with ” Transformer”


Birthday Party -Evangeline-@~~

New Year Party

Taman Bahagia
everybody is terencat akal hehe

All mobile phone service is “Hang” Ayo…
I cannot sent message oh..

The right way to hold your mobile phone

11.58 PM 31st Disember 2007
Where is my network coverage ????

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