Google Tutorial Yahoo -Yahoo Virus – Update FireFox3

I wake up this morning, now I back with my blog… Good Morning my friends… I love U blog hehehe.. Yesterday I download FireFox3 but not yet install in my computer.. 😀 So this morning before I read my email and some of my online comic, I upgrade my browser to FireFox3. Wow… FireFox3 have a good new looking… I try to enter address then suddenly my anti-virus alert sound activate…. Haaaa have a virus.. What happen.. I using avast v4.8 anti-virus for my computer protection. Here is the screen shot that I take..

Wow… I don’t believe what happen, just thinking why this suddenly happen? Is this because of the FireFox3 that I upgrade….? Ahhh you don’t know.. I also don’t know.. Hehehe.. Then I try to use other browser, first I open using Netscape browser.. to see what happen… Then it is was successfully open.. no virus.. alert..

Hmmmm… I try again, I open using Internet Explorer..alert sound from Avast sounding again… “tut tut… Caution A virus have been detected..” Why have a virus.. ? Then I try again using Opera browser to open, again the Alert sound from my antivirus is sounding… Why only Netscape.. The old browser have no virus detection.. Is this cause by the FireFox3 or maybe something wrong in my computer? Infected by Virus.. ? I try opening other search engine site like Google there is no virus detection. Etavasi blog also no virus.. found Hehehe… of course.. Let me know if this happen to you also.