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Making website to take order

I few days I have been busy for this job, making a catalogue website. The purpose of the website is to taking order through online. It is like to build a shopping cart but it is just to take order. Payment and all the process like are still considered using meeting each other one on one.

I make this website using blogspot. In order to make it look like website all I need to do is edit html, I mean the blog template. I learn new things during I make this website, how to hide post label, author, date and time post and remove comment. I remove this entire thing to make it look like website. Hehe.. this is my simple idea how to make website using blogspot. It takes me many hour just to find simple, elegant and pro looking blogger templates. Oh I also meet of this template on making a simple shopping cart. Some other said we can make shopping cart using blogger. Try take a look at this template maybe you might like it.

DEMO | Download | Setup

I am not going to explain how to change the code, right now. Maybe later next time because I just want to post this so fast. Hehe.. later lah k. Other thing that must have in website to order your product is “email form”. I learn simple php code to make email form but it is not working. I don’t know why, hmm.. all order will enter spam email box. Then, I find this free service from now. We can get a free HTML form, web form, php form for your website. Now I have my order form. Yeah.. That all for now.. hehe..

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10 of the beautiful and cool themes for Firefox – Free and ready to download

Here are 10 of Firefox themes that I would like to share to all of you, let’s bring some style to our Firefox. Just click on the name to start download. Yeah..!

Foxkeh Theme by Foxkeh Theme Project

Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) Theme by Kasteo

Walnut Theme by Alfred Kayser

RedShift V3 Themes by C. Nicks

Mushroom Kingdom Themes by savaden

Red Cats (green flavour) Themes by Red Fat Lazy Cat

Tinseltown Theme by TwisterMc

MacOSX Theme by GOLF-AT

Pink-bee Themes by Raynard Loic

Avant, grade.10011: Rosa: 2.1 Themes by Rob.Holian


How to change Facebook layout profile? is a social networking website which people can connect and interact with other people. Of course each member will be providing with standard profile style and themes. In this post I will like to share about how we change Facebook layouts and skins profile for free and easy. There are many sites that provide free Facebook layouts and themes one of them is using Yontoo Layer. Well here is the easy step to change facebook layouts and skins.

First, we need to install Yontoo Layer application. We can visit and click install and choose what browser are using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Safari browser will come soon still not available.

Secondly, after all done we need to visit PageRage to select your Facebook layouts and themes. In PageRage we can select variety facebook layouts and graphic that suitable for our profile. Just click “select button” for your favourite layout.

Finally, is done ta…da….

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What “something big” are you expecting this 2009?

I like this question because when we start to think, suddenly we start to imagine inside our mind or make a wish “something big” that we try to get or expecting this 2009. So what “something big” are you expecting this 2009? Here is the answer for me, I expect to create more blogs to generate some income hehe.. I know that for other people build a blog is not something big, because build blog is easy. That’s why, I need to create more blogs so it will turn into something big inside internet in this 2009. Yeah.. Planning and Strategy to build large network that is, what I expecting this 2009. Hmm… its sound likes not “something big” hmm… who cares? Hehe.. for me it is something big. 😛 Hope I can make it.

Before we read more, lets listen to this music which is old song but still nice to hear

I join the Join The Big Mak Blog Contest



Winners for the first five grand prizes will be determined by points. The first five bloggers who have the highest points will win. Winners of the five grand prize are not eligible for the consolation and special prize.

1st prize, $110, 20K EC credits, 5 ad spots, Domain and Blog Hosting
$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Pinoy Blogger in Singapore
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Special Prize – Blogging From Home book by Janette Toral

Big Mak Blog Contest

Hope me and other blogger win the contest.

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Psoriasis Drug that Can Kill Patients

Psoriasis is a recurrent disorder in which patches of skin become red and covered by dry, silvery scales. About 5 million Americans have the condition, which usually develops during young adulthood through late middle age. Although psoriasis is seldom serious medically, the unsightly lesions can lead to emotional problem. Well because of this, people taking Raptiva as Psoraisis Drug to cure this problem. Based on the research and investigating, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announce that Raptiva was causing three deaths from brain infection called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) and other severe cases of the disease in people taking the drug. In other way, FDA also required Genentech to add a Black Box Warning which is the strongest warning on Raptiva’s Packaging. This new warning is to make users alert with the danger risks of PML in taking Raptiva as drug to cure the disease. Those people, who are planning or interested in taking Raptiva as medicine to cure Psoriasis disease, well we should consider Raptiva side effects that surely can be dangerous to the body. Besides using Raptiva, there are other alternative therapies for Psoriasis problem in this world, we can use Herbal Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Meditation and Nutrition Therapy. If we need to know more about psoriasis drug that can kill patients, we can read more on .


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Magic, Magician and the reveal

What is magic illusion? Based on the history, the word “magic” is come from the Latin word Magi. Magic illusion is kind of art performance that bring entertainment to audience by creating best illusion. Other people also called it magic tricks. Those people who perform this art are called magician. There are many different magic style effects which are production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escapology, levitation, penetration, prediction and more.

Ini the same time, professional magician need to understand and give commitment to “Magician’s Oath” never reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians. The original magician’s oath was written in some 2,400 years ago by Charlatates, the Greek father of modern magic but now it is been modified to keep up with changing times. Well I think not all magician keep and follow this oath. Some of them use masks and reveal the secret of magic. “The Masked Magician”, this person using FOX Network TV specials to show magic then reveals the magic secret. We know that everybody want to know how he do the magic so by this he become popular to reveal the secret.

I my opinion, everyone know that magic is only illusion trick which apply by magician in art performance so audience can feel entertain fun and enjoys. Magician becomes famous when they perform an incredible magic illusion either on the stage or just at the street. For me “The Masked Magician” and his team magic, only do magic which people already do it and the popularity come when he reveal the secret magic. NO new magic illusion skill created only copy. Even though we know how the trick of illusion magic, we still need to be professional magician to perform it in front of audience.

By the way, I still enjoy watch this magic show it is fun.

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Affordable Natural SEO Services from SEO Firm

Building a website into internet is easy process but to promote or bring your website to be getting known by others user internet is one of the bigger problems which is need to be solving quickly. This can be done by learn and understanding how SEO and SEM concept works for your website. Learning process might be taking so long, and this could be wasting so much time if we don’t understand about it. What are SEO and SEM? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method which to improve website to get rank higher in search engine for the target keywords or key-phrases. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) this method is using search engine to promote or market your website. How SEO and SEM work together for website or blog inside internet? We need SEM because campaign with the traffic needed while waiting for your SEO result to come through.

Here introducing SEOSEMID Inc. Indonesia SEO and SEM Provider which is one of the best SEO Firm that provides affordable natural SEO service for everyone. Inside this website, they will provide us with advanced techniques that can miraculously boost-up the popularity of a site. Traffic is the basic requirement for each website or blog to become popular, because of this SEOSEMID Inc. will provide SEO services to track records of all the various keywords which can directly link to the content of website. Hence a highly optimized use of keywords in the content of website will bring up such website in search engine results.

SEOSEMID Inc. also provides best SEO services package up to 7 options. Inside this package, we will obtain sticky post service, link build from up to 10 PR4 and also one way contextual links from different relevant site. Besides that, this SEO Firm services provide are blog comments, bulk content writing and website or blog design. Blog comments can be done by their experts who actually read blog post and drop relevant comment. If you need many unique content or article to increase your Adsense revenue, we can use for their bulk content writing service. By this we can keep website fresh by regularly adding unique content. Lastly, SEOSEMID Inc. provides website or blog design which is affordable to everyone. Well, we can visit this website to get more info about the SEO services.

Entertainment Holiday Tutorial

Valentine’s Day with God of Erotic Love

When we try questioning people around us, what is Valentine’s Day? We will absolutely get and hear so many different answers coming out from their mind and heart. Why heart not only mind, because that is how love couple speak about their feel of love. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. It is like a traditional day which people usually express their love for each other by presenting red rose, sending chocolate with small cute gift or valentine’s card. Do you realize during Valentine’s Day, inside picture or gift we can see hearts shape, love notes, doves and small angel with bow. This small angel name Cupid.

Cupid is the God of erotic love and beauty. He is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor. That why Cupid is an icon of Valentine’s Day. In the legend story, Cupid was a son of goddess of love (Venus) and war (Mars). Venus feel jealous with the beauty of princes Psyche, so she ordered Cupid to make her fall in love with ugliest and poorest man. When Cupid saw Psyche, though, he was so overcome with her unnatural beauty that he dropped an arrow on his foot, and fell in love with her himself. Then after that Cupid visited Psyche every night in his invisible form and told her not to try to see him. If you want to know more story involving about Cupid and Psyche, you can find or buy a book with the tale of Cupid and Psyche.

In modern day, Cupid character represent as cute little angel with his bow shooting someone to inspire romantic love. I found some video clip which is Cupid magic arrow is not working hehe… see this video advertisement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all blogger and my friends, this is free design e-card for you all. You can download to your blog if you like, it’s cute.

Software Tutorial

Why when I open VCD disc in my computer it appear blank disc?

One day, I was sitting in front of my computer learn to play the wonderland online games. I enjoy playing this game and do some super leveling my character. But I feel tired to stay long hour to play. Suddenly my dad calling me from the living room, he was asking how to play VCD disc in computer? (Ohh buy new disc hehe..) I see he just buy new Karaoke Disc and try to play at DVD player and watch it at TV. Well, I get the VCD disc and show my dad the procedure using his computer inside his room.

What happen is, after insert disc hmmm… the disc appears like blank disc and it show no files when I click at My Computer icon then go to drive D. So, I try other easy ways to play VCD disc at computer. Just open Cyberlink DVD software and click “play” button. Ok my mission is complete, now my dad understand how to play VCD or DVD using computer by using Cyberlink DVD software.Yeah..

I came back to my own room, I feel weird with the VCD disc karaoke, because we can play and watch at TV using VCD or DVD player and we can play using Cyberlink DVD in computer but when we try to view file inside disc, it appear with no file. I try adjust my folder option setting, to view all hidden files including system file, we still cannot see file inside disc. Maybe this hidden technique is to prevent pirate to copy the file and sell it back in the market. I discover some useful software, so I like to share some info about the software here, in case one day you really need one of the file inside your favourite VCD or DVD.

Introducing IsoBuster software, nah not Ghost Buster lah…hehe. This software can view almost all hidden file inside of the VCD or CD. Actually this software is build to rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD or a Blu Ray disc (e.g. BD or HD DVD) save important documents, precious pictures or video from the family, and more. You can use all of this software function but you need to pay a little bit money like US$ 49.95 to unlock for PRO functionality.

You can get this software by visit, and start download isobuster from this site. It is free for less function. I am not sure for what minimum requirement computer can support this software but looks like not too heavy to run after install it. I still need to learn more about this software. That’s all for VCD disc that appear blank disc inside your computer.

Movie Music Self Improvement Tutorial

How to Smoke in Airplane?

Most of people said that smoke is not good for health. Smoke is danger bad for health. Then someone so drastic said we will die if smoke. Hmm.. That’s sound angry to scold children haha.. Some person will said like this.. “Wow.. Kaya oh.. dia bakar duit” Which mean “Wow that person is rich to burn money”. Next is people love to make their own random statistic by saying man is the highest smoker than woman. Hehe… actually I don’t know if the random statistic is truth or not. Why smoking is good? Smoker said, it is good to smoke because they can release some tension, can make them cool down, and sometimes they can get a great idea for something that they doing while they are smoking. Don’t follow other people, follow your own mind, each person have different style to think and to do want they want. Hehe..My opinion, don’t stop smoke immediately if you are smoker and don’t try to learn smoking if you are new.

Well I found some great video tutorial on how to smoke in airplane, which is demonstrating with a special music effect and by a one smart woman. Maybe smoker can try apply in other ways haha.. actually just for fun.. but I like the skill so great. Hehe..

See the woman have skill right, don’t try this at home hehe…