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Where is my blog? Oh back to blog again

Where is my blog? Oh my blog is here, I try to make new blog but after I learn more about SEO, suddenly it take my time to think many idea that suddenly come out then make me don’t know what to do haha… so weird when I have many idea I don’t know what to do or choose what I should start first. Then yesterday, I decide to format back my CPU because I feel my computer so slow in performance.

First I burn all my anime and comic into disc DVD using Nero 8.1.20. This taking so much time when I using disc DVD 16X speed but when I put into DVD-ROM Writer, this DVD only read and appear as 4X speed. Huh…No wonder the shop sell it to me only RM1 (0.3USD) for each one disc DVD. The speed is less from what is writing on the disc DVD. Oh.. Playing trick to me later I will choose other shop haha.. Maybe that shop is not cheating hehe.. because I choose the cheap brand disc DVD. Now I have more space for my hard disk.

After done reformat my CPU, looks like I have new Window Vista Ultimate yeah.. Now the problem is huhu.. no driver that suitable for my motherboard and 3D card. No worries, just Google it then start download process. Finally all are done on the evening, after I install back my entire program that I use every day in my CPU.

Here is all my program that have been install, now I can start blogging again. Huh.. Something is missing… Hmmm… ohh.. Games online for entertainment haha..Need to download again. Maybe you have some suggestion what should I install more in my computer.

ACDSee Photo Managaer 2009
Adobe Flash Player 10
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Reader 9
ATI Catalyst
Avast! Antivirus
BitComet 1.10
Canon MP160
CyberLink PowerDVD 9
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.70
LimeWire PRO 5.0.11
Microsoft Office 2007
Nero 8
Netscape Navigator 9.0.06
Quick Time
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
WinRAR 3.80
Winzip 12.0
Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

Yeah back to blogging..


Easy and Free Sharing and Download File

There are so many reasons why people connect to internet, usually people do blogging, chat, join social network, online games, download e-Book or music file mp3 and more. When searching for file mp3, movie, picture or eBook which is free, one of the best software that we can use is LimeWire. No need to visit website, just search using the software. I think everyone is familiar with this software. It is easy to install and use this program. Those who still don’t know about this program and how to get it? Limewire is a sharing program, you can simply visit official website and start download. Don’t forget choose your platform for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or other system like Solaris.

Limewire new version is 5.0.11 with a new looking style. Well you can get the basic program for free or purchase LimeWire Pro just $13.95. LimeWire Pro provides optimized search result, turbo-charged download, connection from more sources and special pro skin. Get your LimeWire today and enjoy searching and download file for free especially music. Here is some screen shot for LimeWire Pro.

Software Tutorial

Why when I open VCD disc in my computer it appear blank disc?

One day, I was sitting in front of my computer learn to play the wonderland online games. I enjoy playing this game and do some super leveling my character. But I feel tired to stay long hour to play. Suddenly my dad calling me from the living room, he was asking how to play VCD disc in computer? (Ohh buy new disc hehe..) I see he just buy new Karaoke Disc and try to play at DVD player and watch it at TV. Well, I get the VCD disc and show my dad the procedure using his computer inside his room.

What happen is, after insert disc hmmm… the disc appears like blank disc and it show no files when I click at My Computer icon then go to drive D. So, I try other easy ways to play VCD disc at computer. Just open Cyberlink DVD software and click “play” button. Ok my mission is complete, now my dad understand how to play VCD or DVD using computer by using Cyberlink DVD software.Yeah..

I came back to my own room, I feel weird with the VCD disc karaoke, because we can play and watch at TV using VCD or DVD player and we can play using Cyberlink DVD in computer but when we try to view file inside disc, it appear with no file. I try adjust my folder option setting, to view all hidden files including system file, we still cannot see file inside disc. Maybe this hidden technique is to prevent pirate to copy the file and sell it back in the market. I discover some useful software, so I like to share some info about the software here, in case one day you really need one of the file inside your favourite VCD or DVD.

Introducing IsoBuster software, nah not Ghost Buster lah…hehe. This software can view almost all hidden file inside of the VCD or CD. Actually this software is build to rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD or a Blu Ray disc (e.g. BD or HD DVD) save important documents, precious pictures or video from the family, and more. You can use all of this software function but you need to pay a little bit money like US$ 49.95 to unlock for PRO functionality.

You can get this software by visit, and start download isobuster from this site. It is free for less function. I am not sure for what minimum requirement computer can support this software but looks like not too heavy to run after install it. I still need to learn more about this software. That’s all for VCD disc that appear blank disc inside your computer.

Software Tutorial

Careful with Antivirus 2009

Antivirus2009 or Antivirus 2009 is new virus with a cool name hahaha… Well be careful all my dear friends with this virus. Antivirus 2009 is SCAM. Other site said it use Trojans like Zlob or Vundo to spread it inside our computer. Don’t get easy panic with some notification system, it might be fake notification. This virus is like vdeo codes and when it enters your computer system, something will happen like popups and then notification to let u know your computer have been infection by so many virus. Remember DON’T CLICK any popups or notification. We can try closing it by press Alt+F4 on keyboard. What happen if we suddenly click it? It will bring us to other antivirus website like,, and more sites that need you to buy Antivirus 2009 with license version but it is fake antivirus. In the same time the virus might be already spread inside your computer. Haha.. How it was look like when the virus inside our computer? Our computer will keep pop-up same fake notification or scanning virus in every time we use our computer. This is some snapshot for fake antivirus 2009. What is your antivirus my friends? Well me I like to use Avast, it is best antivirus for me.


Bring Some Style to Your Desktop

Beside using a nice wallpaper and some calendar widget inside your computer, I just want to share about this program that I think can bring some style to your desktop. ObjectDock is a program that adds a skinnable dock to your Windows desktop. It is one of the most popular desktop enhancement programs available. I like to use this software and it is nice.

When we make mouse over at the icon, it will come out and turn into big size but it is depend on what effect that you choose for your icon. Me, I like to see that icon turn into big size.

I just remove all icon like My Computer, My Document, Recycle Bin and others from my desktop and put inside ObjectDock bar, so my Desktop PC will become more clean. New version for this software include Start Menu application, so from ObjectDock we can access start menu. We also can add some widget like weather forecast, temperature and clock animation.

We can Download this software for free at . Inside this website also we can find other software also useful to our computer. We can change our cursor style and more inside this website.


Nice Calendar

Rainlendar is nice and customizable calendar inside computer. The size is not too big and doesn’t take so much space inside computer. This application or software can be run in Windows and Linux operating system. You can setup your event inside this calendar and write some list for our long term task. Events are shown in separate list and mark using some icon so we can keep it in better organized. We also can arrange our task to make sure we will remember to do them.

We can download here for Window and Linux for free. We can read more about this by visit Rainlendar Website