The Mushroom called “Ombulung”

Long time ago when I start my blog, I was do my posting about the story of Ombulung on 31st January 2008. My grandma told me that this kind of mushroom will grow up when the weather became so cold and only one times in year. I am not so sure if the fact about this mushroom is true or not but, during the past week until this day it was always rain and some part of Sabah, Malaysia having a big problem because flood that affected their village. Maybe because of the changing and dropping of temperature, again this year this “Ombulung” mushroom appear and grow up next to my auntie house.

This time 4th of Febuary 2009, in the morning I join my grandma to search and pull out all mushrooms. I bring my old digital camera with me so I can take picture. Hehe.. Taking photo is fun, I love it. When I reach that place, there are so many ants and mosquito making me scary to pull out all mushrooms. When I busy pulling out the mushroom and taking photo, suddenly my grandma see what I am doing and scold me “Okon ko mogium ombulung, mapagambal ii” my grandma speak kadazan language which mean, I am not searching for ombulung but busy taking photo hehe…

In my hypothesis, looks like this mushroom is kind of rare food, I think I will post about it again in 2010 hehe.. It will grow again in first or second month.


Cermai – Otaheite gooseberry – Phyllanthus acidus

This is called Otaheite gooseberry (Phyllanthus acidus) also known as Cermai but at my place people always call “Ceramai” ahhhh..the sound is like that hehehe… Maybe it has a different name in others country. Yeah… I want to eat my “Ceramai”…

Photo Plant

How to cultivate Brinjal ?


The Story Of Ombulung

What is “Ombulung”, My friends ombulung is some kind of delicious mushroom to eat at Sabah,Malaysia. How can this mushroom being called “Ombulung” ? Hmm good question.. but hard to answer hehehe… 🙂 Kadazan people call this mushroom as “Ombulung” because it is only appear or grow up when our temperature suddenly drop down. Some people say it’s only appear one times per year. That’s my grandma said to me.

How does this “Ombulung” look like ?

Some say “Ombulung” also have a season to grow up, maybe because of micro temperature condition. The best time to pick up this “Ombulung” is early in the morning. this time “Ombulung” is still fresh to eat. I don’t know what is the scientific or English name for this Ombulung hmmm…. maybe Ombulungs hehehe just put “s” like bananas.

But we just take it in the afternoon (Nah… not fresh oledi) before we cook this Ombulung we must make some cleaning process.

This is my grandma.. Now she teaching a cleaning process

We must have a team work 🙂

Why does people say it is delicious ? This mushroom have it own taste, when we cook this ombulung, there is no need to mix up with anything, just boiling it with some water. ( Hard to believe, I also don’t believe what i heard ) No need to mix with salt or Ajinomoto product

Because of i don’t believe what they said to me, hmm..Lets try to cook, this Ombulung Mushroom with this simple procedure.. like making a simple soup

Ok.. i try to boil it using clay pot …

Yes… it’s good the soup taste is sweet..

maybe we should try to mix up with chicken or many type of soup

: ) i think i should open Ombulung Shop … hehehe 🙂