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Wonderland Online Game

Now day’s people love to play online game. Why? Playing online game is not like you play game alone by yourself. You can meet other people from other country with different language, time zone, and different ages. It is fun you can chat and play games together. Wonderland online game is one of the online games that are good to play inside internet. After register your email you can start download and playing the game for free. The game is not super 3D that need 3D card to play this game hehe…. Just a normal computer with internet connection is enough.

Here is a little bit info about this game, first we can choose the character to become mage or warrior with 4 different elements Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. We start to train our character from level 1, fight monster to get experience to reach next level. The game is not only leveling our character, we also can customize our sweet home, like manufacturing building this and that, turn it becomes shop to earn some gold. When start manufacturing, then the player need life skill like mining, collecting, fishing, alchemy and cutting. This is fun hehe…we also can make vehicle like spacecraft, ufo, submarine boat, airplane and more. Then using this vehicle we can start travel to other island then start new adventure, quest, story and more.

There is no cheat or cheat code that you can use inside online gaming, same he in this Wonderland online game. But I think playing game using cheat code is no fun at all. I read from other forum about this game, some fanatic people using bot or third party program to make their character super fast level. Then, in the end their ip address and character get banned by the game system, so cannot play the game anymore. See how terrible happen when we try to cheat inside online game hehe.. Don’t ask me how to use cheat code or what is the crack or hack because I am not pro in gaming haha..

Sometimes we need to use real money for online games. Why? We need to buy point card, using this point we can buy special item inside the game. This is to make your character more powerful and look cool. My advices don’t get too influence by online game, just play what inside the game. Otherwise you will lose lot of real money just to buy some point haha… so be careful. If you interested to try and playing the game visit and download Wonderland Online Games from Official Website.