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Day before Easter Sunday – Way of Cross Procession – Jalan Salib

From last week, for all Catholic Church and community in the world, we celebrate Palm Sunday then follow by Holy Thursday, yesterday were Good Friday, today are Holy Saturday and finally tomorrow were Easter’s Day on Sunday. Happy Easter to everyone hehe.. 😀 in coming day.

Yesterday was Good Friday, as cogitation for Jesus agony, around 7.30 o’clock in the morning, the Way of Cross procession has been held by Holy Nativity Church Terawi, Sabah community. The procession is divided into 14 sections, each marked by a small sign number and start from near Kg. Pudu back to the church. Of course for my remembrance, I bring my poor digital camera to capture picture.

Jesus died on the cross during Good Friday, and according to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected three days later, usually celebrated on Easter Sunday. Here are some photos that I manage to capture during the way of cross procession.

I do select some photo from other photographer during the procession. He looks professional with his big lens camera. Thanks for the photo Mr. Alvin. 😛

Happy Easter again to everyone hehe.. 😀 May God Bless you all.

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Aramai Tii … Malam-malam

This is group photo for last night before all of us go home at 3a.m after celebrating birthday party for Emmanuel (Eman), Emmanuella (Adik) and Ezekiel Ernest Mojikon at Kg. Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

Automatic Capture in 10 sec, “I’m Sorry..” Only 1 pic hehe… 😛

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Earth Hour 2009 Sabah, Malaysia and My Cats Experience

Last Saturday 28 March 2009 8.30p.m, I and family turn off the light for 1 hour. What are you doing during earth hour? Me? After switch off light, I take out digital camera and take some photo hehe.. Unfortunately I only manage capture my cats and house photo, then “low battery” huhu… need to buy new battery lol..Then I went outside my house and watch the sky, I see that the random of stars make the sky beautiful.

After that, the light still off but I turn on my TV hehe.. yeah.. I am waiting for my favourite TV program Akademi Fantasia 7 (AF7). Well at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the Bernama online news I see picture from Anuar Isman that show Petronas Twin Towers went blackout. Nice picture I here in this post.

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Where is my blog? Oh back to blog again

Where is my blog? Oh my blog is here, I try to make new blog but after I learn more about SEO, suddenly it take my time to think many idea that suddenly come out then make me don’t know what to do haha… so weird when I have many idea I don’t know what to do or choose what I should start first. Then yesterday, I decide to format back my CPU because I feel my computer so slow in performance.

First I burn all my anime and comic into disc DVD using Nero 8.1.20. This taking so much time when I using disc DVD 16X speed but when I put into DVD-ROM Writer, this DVD only read and appear as 4X speed. Huh…No wonder the shop sell it to me only RM1 (0.3USD) for each one disc DVD. The speed is less from what is writing on the disc DVD. Oh.. Playing trick to me later I will choose other shop haha.. Maybe that shop is not cheating hehe.. because I choose the cheap brand disc DVD. Now I have more space for my hard disk.

After done reformat my CPU, looks like I have new Window Vista Ultimate yeah.. Now the problem is huhu.. no driver that suitable for my motherboard and 3D card. No worries, just Google it then start download process. Finally all are done on the evening, after I install back my entire program that I use every day in my CPU.

Here is all my program that have been install, now I can start blogging again. Huh.. Something is missing… Hmmm… ohh.. Games online for entertainment haha..Need to download again. Maybe you have some suggestion what should I install more in my computer.

ACDSee Photo Managaer 2009
Adobe Flash Player 10
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Reader 9
ATI Catalyst
Avast! Antivirus
BitComet 1.10
Canon MP160
CyberLink PowerDVD 9
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.70
LimeWire PRO 5.0.11
Microsoft Office 2007
Nero 8
Netscape Navigator 9.0.06
Quick Time
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
WinRAR 3.80
Winzip 12.0
Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

Yeah back to blogging..

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Internet problem again, too slow

I try to online yesterday but I don’t know why TmNet provide the service too slow. I cannot open lots of website like before. When I try opening my blog or other blog I need to wait almost 10 minute to open it. Then I feel that I just wasting my time sit and waiting for 1 website or blog to full loading so I can read. What happen to internet service? I am tired to keep restart internet modem again and again but still the same problem.

What to do, so I just sitting in front of television to watch TV program from Asto. Then I start watching “Perspektif Kita” which is talk about blog and blogger in Malasyia. In of this topic, they said more about blog in positive and negative impact to development country in Malaysia. From what I see, most of them were talking about using blog in politic. Maybe I am not watching it from the beginning hehe.. I thought they will also talk about making money using blog.

Well next TVIQ channel, now this time I learn about business, money, investment and advertising concept in real market. Then, I try to surf again my internet but I still slow hmmm.. poor service. Then I continue again watch TV, now my favorite Chinese program channel RTM2 hehe.. Wong Fei Hung character plays by Dickey Chung Wai Kin..Yeah one of my favorite celebrity Hehe… now I start forget about the internet problem, hope this day the service will be ok. Anyway, here I like to wish Happy Ash Wednesday to all you.

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Party House for 1 month Vince Viarto + 50 years Mom + Chinese New Year

Yesterday on 6th January 2009, all my family, siblings, cousin, aunt and uncle, grandma and others in a big group family join together in one house to celebrate two birthday party event and Chinese New Year 2009. We celebrate birthday party for my mom and for new member in our family Vince Viarto. Thanks God for the blessing for my family and others, my mom now are 50 years old, still healthy and strong to protect and guide family. My mom birthday actually on 10 February but we celebrate it early same as Vince Viarto. By the way, who is Vince Viarto? Ta….da….. He is our new member in family which is just reach 1 month old. He is my older brother son, born on 5th January 2009. I forget to post in blog about this little cute baby when he was born hehe.. It is just simple party with no B.B.Q, no DJ music Katama Sabah Production but we all still feel happy sit together, eating, chat and discuss each other. While the kids busy and running and playing also make noisy hehe… but it’s ok. End of the party, all kids get Angpow Red Packet yeah… weee… including me yeahh… Haha.. I still consider as a small kid haha..

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What are you doing during Chinese New Year 2009?

Before I start to write my post, I think it is not too late for me to wish Happy Chinese New Year 2009 for those who celebrate it, to all my friends and all blogger. Weiii don’t forget to send some angpau.. hehe. During the holiday, nothing much to do for me because I am not Chinese so I just sit at home and watch TV with lot of movie that I love. Chinese action movie is good to watch. I remember during CNY, I watch movie called “So Close” from AXN. In this movie, I like to see these 2 cute women Ai Lin (Shu Qi) and her sister Ai Quan (Zhao Wei) as perfect killer and computer hacker. Oh the other one staring is the police woman Kong Yat Hung (Karen Mok). Oh, I watch CJ7 at AXN too, hehe.. I already watch this at cinema but I like to watch it again and at AXN they played it in English version. Hmm..After watch it, I feel a little bit different so I prefer this CJ7 movie in Chinese version even though don’t understand.

Next day, my little sister and cousin plan to visit Little Chinatown Street at Lembah Impian Country Homes Resort’s. I feel bore too, so I join them to visit Little Chinatown. When we arrive at this place, looks like all of us feel excited to see what is in this place. First, we see a big gate with 2 puppet muhahaha.. and the Chinese transport bicycle with the price to ride is RM5.00. In my mind, should I try? I want to try it but… let me see first the 2 kids, “hmm… oh.. only 1 round for RM5” so no need to try hehe… So we just go into the gate. Yeah let go buy some food and eat, oh.. before that we need to buy some coupon. Then we start to buy and eat some food, for me this place is good to sit and relax here but the food price is a little bit high. Maybe they should put some real music player at this place like, playing some Chinese traditional music instrument while other people eating hehe…

Here is some of the photo that we take

That all hehe…my activity during holiday, oh i forget if you like to learn and practice Chinese word you can read my previous post. Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

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Good Bye 2008 and Welcome 2009

Now we are in the new world Oppss…not world hehe.. It’s New Year 2009. Wow…Yahooo 2009.. Hahaha.. I think not too late to wish you all Happy New Year 2009. Holiday is end, people going back to work, student going back to school. Some memory still fresh in my mind, holiday mood still keep going haha. .. Here I like to share some memory at night 31 Dec 2008. That night, I was going to my aunty house with family and cousin at Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah (Stacy AF also is from this place) to have some party while waiting for 2009 to come. I like the party yeah.. Lots of other relative are also invited to the party. The party begins with prayer and the ice breaking games which need us to find 17 stickers of CJ7. Wahh.. Lucky I found 1 of the CJ7 sticker hhaha… (Shhhhh don’t tell anyone) I am the oldest one among the others children participate in the game. I don’t care hahaha…as long as I found the sticker and win some present haha.. the reward is small E-view calendar 2009 lol..

Besides waiting for 2009 to come, there is also birthday celebration for Evangeline (my aunty son) and for those who born in month on December. Yeah big birthday party hehe.. Then we start to eat and hear some music from one DJ known as Katama.

Now I am busy eating chicken wing, lol the game start.. paper dance, balloon break, drink bottle mineral water, and some question and answer. OMG I am late to see this game..wait I am eating hehehe… the last game is musical chair for 3 category children and daddy and mummy. In this last game, daddy category looks like perform very well hehe.. lots of people laughing and enjoy to see them playing the game.

When the time almost 12 o’clock to enter New Year 2009, all people is watching to the sky and start counting while waiting for fireworks show. Haha.. this time I am busy recording the fireworks shows use my old digital camera. Wow… it is fun yeah.. After finish fireworks, we had a little prayer for thank you and bless to all. Before all go home, the lucky draw name begin yeah.. who is the lucky one to get some big present hehe… I try to post at youtube for the firework movie clip but I am hard to wait for 110MB video file to uploads and my internet connection keep disconnect. By the ways… That is my past memory for 2008 hehe…

Here is some more photo..

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Small party to celebrate Christmas

Last day, all family member, my cousin, aunty and uncle are gathering together to celebrate Christmas at my lovely grandma house. Merry Christmas ho ho ho… it was so nice we had a small party sit and eat together as a big family. We start to pray and eat around 9 o’clock hmm..looks like it is too late hahaha… to start eat. I don’t care as long as we can eat. Shhhh.. a little bit complain hahaha late start. Beside eating food that already prepare, nah.. We need to cook by our self with this small cute pot steamboat hahaha… we make two pot with different type of flavor soup, chicken and tom yam soup. Looks like a chef cook in TV program but this is the easy method to cook food hehehe.. same like cooking some fast noodle. I like to choose tom yam soup because I like this flavor. Nyum nyum.. Hope u all enjoy your Christmas day. Here some picture that i take using my old digital camera.

Hehe i take this photo while we start to prayer for bless and thanks giving food

This when we all done eat.. hehe..

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of You and May God Bless all of us.. Mmmuuahh
This e-card for you all..