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Internet problem again, too slow

I try to online yesterday but I don’t know why TmNet provide the service too slow. I cannot open lots of website like before. When I try opening my blog or other blog I need to wait almost 10 minute to open it. Then I feel that I just wasting my time sit and waiting for 1 website or blog to full loading so I can read. What happen to internet service? I am tired to keep restart internet modem again and again but still the same problem.

What to do, so I just sitting in front of television to watch TV program from Asto. Then I start watching “Perspektif Kita” which is talk about blog and blogger in Malasyia. In of this topic, they said more about blog in positive and negative impact to development country in Malaysia. From what I see, most of them were talking about using blog in politic. Maybe I am not watching it from the beginning hehe.. I thought they will also talk about making money using blog.

Well next TVIQ channel, now this time I learn about business, money, investment and advertising concept in real market. Then, I try to surf again my internet but I still slow hmmm.. poor service. Then I continue again watch TV, now my favorite Chinese program channel RTM2 hehe.. Wong Fei Hung character plays by Dickey Chung Wai Kin..Yeah one of my favorite celebrity Hehe… now I start forget about the internet problem, hope this day the service will be ok. Anyway, here I like to wish Happy Ash Wednesday to all you.

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Private number plates

In our daily life, we always see car with a different number plate for each car. The different or unique number plates make us easy to remember or know that car is belonging to you or to other person. How can I get or choose my own number plates? is one of the best website that provides you the best service to choose your own Private Number Plates. Northumbria Number is situated at Border County of Northumberland also known as “The Secret Kingdom”. Inside this website you can see many different number plates that suitable for you and ready to sell. It provides easy service to choose what number plates that you like. Start from general search, you just need to enter name, a car or anything you like, then start search what private numbers that available for you.

If you run out of idea, this website also provide suggestion pages with many different unique name base on car manufactured, personal, ageless number and more. It is interesting if you choose the number plates based on your own name. Example, ANN the number plates that available is 911 ANN or your name is GEORGY the number plates will be G380 RGY. Make number plates, are other ways to choose your own number plates. It is a nice option inside this website because you can customize you own privates number plates and see if it still available.

Beside, buying private number plates from this site, if you have unique and smart number plates that you will like to sell it, you can use service from this site. They offer seller, the opportunity to sell their number in which is no-sale, no-fee commission basis. Upon successful sale they will handle all paperwork for the transfer and return to you the agreed sum. I recommend this site for those who are looking for private number plates.

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The New 44th President of United States – Barack Obama

This is a little bit about Barack Obama news or biography. He was born on August 4, 1961 at Honolulu, Haiwai. As we know this is the first African America elected President, he was sworn in on January 20, 2009, in an inaugural ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as a community organizer, and practiced as a civil rights attorney in Chicago before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He also taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

I hope most people are happy with the new president of United State. Hope the new president successes in his works and bring a good change to all of U.S community and the world. Lastly, I enjoying watching some video clip when I visit YouTube hehe… so funny. I see some people creative in making Beyonce –Single Ladies song become this video, lets watch it.

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Interesting in learning Chinese Character

How to write and practice Chinese Characters? Here today I found website which is good to help you to practice speak and write Chinese. If we learn Chinese everyday listen, write and all things, we can learn three thousand or more character. Well it is not easy but practice makes us perfect in doing something that we like. You can practice your Chinese lesson with Skritter.

Skritter is new kind of handwriting recognition algorithm for Chinese that works on the stroke level, so that you can get feedback as soon as you write a stroke. Just writing and learning. This Skritter can figures out when you need to trace a character for the first time, or see it and then write it, or actively recall it to start cementing it into long term memory. It knows which characters and words are important for us to learn next, and automatically introduces them when appropriate. Let’s visit Skritter website now.

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Raise your hand if you want –

Now day’s blog become popular to among all people who love internet. We build blog and start to write anything that we like. Then this work or process from your blog, automatically make you advertise on blogs or telling something to someone who read your blog like family, friends, and other bloggers. Learning or study some SEO basic will help your blog reach to other user internet when their search from the biggest search engine likes Yahoo or Google. Here introducing to all of you, the site that bring together advertiser and blogger to build easy way to marketplace. is Blog Advertising networks where blogger get paid to blog.

Blogger can start register inside this site and wait for approval from admin. Once you get approve, you can start pick opportunity or task that you love or topic likes product, service, and companies, that suitable for your blog. Then you can start advertise on blogs by writing your review. When we have done all review we can get paid by them. Sound look like easy, simple and make others happy and enjoy blogging. All payment is using PayPal and will directly send to our account first day of each month. In some other ways, if we like to advertise something like product, service, website, or anything else, we can use as a best way to advertise. This is because they different from other advertisement agencies. They have good blog marketing inside internet and also provide a good help with live chat and the best things are they commissions are 50% less compare to other their competitor, so blog advertiser pay less for better service. Try visiting their website and starts build your account as blogger or advertiser. I am sure you will like new layout that look clean and more style and improvement.