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Valentine’s Day with God of Erotic Love

When we try questioning people around us, what is Valentine’s Day? We will absolutely get and hear so many different answers coming out from their mind and heart. Why heart not only mind, because that is how love couple speak about their feel of love. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. It is like a traditional day which people usually express their love for each other by presenting red rose, sending chocolate with small cute gift or valentine’s card. Do you realize during Valentine’s Day, inside picture or gift we can see hearts shape, love notes, doves and small angel with bow. This small angel name Cupid.

Cupid is the God of erotic love and beauty. He is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor. That why Cupid is an icon of Valentine’s Day. In the legend story, Cupid was a son of goddess of love (Venus) and war (Mars). Venus feel jealous with the beauty of princes Psyche, so she ordered Cupid to make her fall in love with ugliest and poorest man. When Cupid saw Psyche, though, he was so overcome with her unnatural beauty that he dropped an arrow on his foot, and fell in love with her himself. Then after that Cupid visited Psyche every night in his invisible form and told her not to try to see him. If you want to know more story involving about Cupid and Psyche, you can find or buy a book with the tale of Cupid and Psyche.

In modern day, Cupid character represent as cute little angel with his bow shooting someone to inspire romantic love. I found some video clip which is Cupid magic arrow is not working hehe… see this video advertisement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all blogger and my friends, this is free design e-card for you all. You can download to your blog if you like, it’s cute.

Holiday Memory Remains Photo

Good Bye 2008 and Welcome 2009

Now we are in the new world Oppss…not world hehe.. It’s New Year 2009. Wow…Yahooo 2009.. Hahaha.. I think not too late to wish you all Happy New Year 2009. Holiday is end, people going back to work, student going back to school. Some memory still fresh in my mind, holiday mood still keep going haha. .. Here I like to share some memory at night 31 Dec 2008. That night, I was going to my aunty house with family and cousin at Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah (Stacy AF also is from this place) to have some party while waiting for 2009 to come. I like the party yeah.. Lots of other relative are also invited to the party. The party begins with prayer and the ice breaking games which need us to find 17 stickers of CJ7. Wahh.. Lucky I found 1 of the CJ7 sticker hhaha… (Shhhhh don’t tell anyone) I am the oldest one among the others children participate in the game. I don’t care hahaha…as long as I found the sticker and win some present haha.. the reward is small E-view calendar 2009 lol..

Besides waiting for 2009 to come, there is also birthday celebration for Evangeline (my aunty son) and for those who born in month on December. Yeah big birthday party hehe.. Then we start to eat and hear some music from one DJ known as Katama.

Now I am busy eating chicken wing, lol the game start.. paper dance, balloon break, drink bottle mineral water, and some question and answer. OMG I am late to see this game..wait I am eating hehehe… the last game is musical chair for 3 category children and daddy and mummy. In this last game, daddy category looks like perform very well hehe.. lots of people laughing and enjoy to see them playing the game.

When the time almost 12 o’clock to enter New Year 2009, all people is watching to the sky and start counting while waiting for fireworks show. Haha.. this time I am busy recording the fireworks shows use my old digital camera. Wow… it is fun yeah.. After finish fireworks, we had a little prayer for thank you and bless to all. Before all go home, the lucky draw name begin yeah.. who is the lucky one to get some big present hehe… I try to post at youtube for the firework movie clip but I am hard to wait for 110MB video file to uploads and my internet connection keep disconnect. By the ways… That is my past memory for 2008 hehe…

Here is some more photo..

Holiday Memory Remains Photo

Sabah – Visit KDCA to See Kaamatan – Photo

Yesterday, what a boring day and a little bit tension in learning WordPress, I just sit down in front of my computer. I just not familiar with add and remove some code in order to customize my wordpress css template. When come to evening around 5pm, and then suddenly my second brother inviting me to join them to visit KDCA (Kadazandusun Cultural Association) also know with the other popular name called Hongkod.

Yeah… then I just shut down my computer.. hhehe forget about the WordPress template, for me it is hard to customize it because I just learn about it. Ok..Ok.. We visit KDCA and of course yesterday I’m not the driver… hehehehe so I’m just relax, actually it is hard to find parking near to this place, because lots of people visit this place from the morning until night.. Here is some photo that I take yesterday,

The big gate entrance to KDCA.

Some of the traditional house

Then suddenly it was raining, wah….Hope.. Rihanna-Umbrella song bring some umbrella to me 😀 it was raining.. we visit 1 of the traditional house called Lansaran Murut.

After the rain stop, we visit another traditional house but I just don’t remember what the name is. In this traditional house they sell lot of art and handmade item. Nice colorful.

Next is visit agriculture and food industry corner, here we can see some technology that been used in cultivate paddy to make it grow fast.

This is KDCA hall with a big gong in front of the entrance hall.

Then, after that we go home.. yeah.. ohh before that, long time ago in my older post about sompoton, this is giant sompoton outside the entrance gate but made from rock hehehe.. just for decoration.

Ok.. that is the story and photo that we visit KDCA for Kaamatan, actually there is lot of activity inside there but most of them performed in the morning..


Happy Chinese New Year 2008 from Etavasi

I would like to wish a Happy Chinese New Year 2008 to all of you & Thank you very much 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 from Etavasi