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Where is my blog? Oh back to blog again

Where is my blog? Oh my blog is here, I try to make new blog but after I learn more about SEO, suddenly it take my time to think many idea that suddenly come out then make me don’t know what to do haha… so weird when I have many idea I don’t know what to do or choose what I should start first. Then yesterday, I decide to format back my CPU because I feel my computer so slow in performance.

First I burn all my anime and comic into disc DVD using Nero 8.1.20. This taking so much time when I using disc DVD 16X speed but when I put into DVD-ROM Writer, this DVD only read and appear as 4X speed. Huh…No wonder the shop sell it to me only RM1 (0.3USD) for each one disc DVD. The speed is less from what is writing on the disc DVD. Oh.. Playing trick to me later I will choose other shop haha.. Maybe that shop is not cheating hehe.. because I choose the cheap brand disc DVD. Now I have more space for my hard disk.

After done reformat my CPU, looks like I have new Window Vista Ultimate yeah.. Now the problem is huhu.. no driver that suitable for my motherboard and 3D card. No worries, just Google it then start download process. Finally all are done on the evening, after I install back my entire program that I use every day in my CPU.

Here is all my program that have been install, now I can start blogging again. Huh.. Something is missing… Hmmm… ohh.. Games online for entertainment haha..Need to download again. Maybe you have some suggestion what should I install more in my computer.

ACDSee Photo Managaer 2009
Adobe Flash Player 10
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Reader 9
ATI Catalyst
Avast! Antivirus
BitComet 1.10
Canon MP160
CyberLink PowerDVD 9
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.70
LimeWire PRO 5.0.11
Microsoft Office 2007
Nero 8
Netscape Navigator 9.0.06
Quick Time
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
WinRAR 3.80
Winzip 12.0
Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

Yeah back to blogging..

Help Me Memory Remains Mobile Phone Tutorial

I receive 3 stupid calls yesterday

Now days it is hard for me to access internet, sometimes my internet connection is not so good. Why? Something weird happen ahh… I can use my internet connection for Yahoo Messenger (YM) but I cannot open website or blog fast like before. It takes so much time to loading, and I need to restart again my modem. I hope my internet connection will be good tomorrow. Then I can read others blog. I miss my blog for long time not login

Back to the story, I receive stupid call yesterday from the hotel agent try to cheat me. Hehe.. but I win yeah of course. In my last post I was talk about hack, this is one of them, but totally low level skill hehehe… The conversations start at 12.31pm and in Malay language (i will translate for you) and using 3 person with 2 different number which is 043806542 and 043806541. Ok read this

Women : Selamat Tengahari, Encik (Good Afternoon, Sir)
Me : Ya, Selamat Tengahari (Yes, Good Afternoon)
Women : Nombor telefon encik 016819**** (Sir your number is 016819****)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Women : Tahniah encik, nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi voucher ke Hotel Sunway
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win voucher to Sunway Hotel)

I feel something wrong about this person, why suddenly I become the lucky one..??? So I am testing the person with one question.

Me : Encik, boleh saya minta nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik ?
(Sir, can I have your Identification card number, for me to check your data?)

Suddenly.. Tut Tut Tut… The women end off the phone.

Hehe… Why suddenly the women end off the phone.. ? Why she so scare to give her ID number if I really lucky to won the price? Ok after 40 second again….My mobile phone rings (Nokia ringtone) this time it was man, with the same number. Ok read this

Man : Selamat Tengahari, Encik (Good Afternoon, Sir)
Me : Ya, Selamat Tengahari (Yes, Good Afternoon)
Man : Nombor telefon encik 016819**** (Sir your number is 016819****)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Man : Tahniah encik,nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi voucher ke Hotel Sunway
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win voucher to Sunway Hotel)

Ahhhhh… same dialog before, only change from women to a man. What are they tried to play? I really don’t like this spam mobile phone I was busy doing some of my work that time. I need to read lot of email again. Time is running out. Ok… ok… relax… then I ask again the same question politely.

Me : Encik, boleh saya minta nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik ?
(Sir, can I have your ID card number, for me to check your data?)
Man : Encik untuk apa nombor kad pengenalan saya ?
(Sir, why do you need my identification card number?)
Me : Encik, saya perlu nombor kad pengenalan encik untuk saya periksa data-data
encik samada ini panggilan palsu atau..
(Sir, I need your ID card number to check your data either this call is false or..)

Then suddenly with the high voice, this man interrupt me… huuuu

Man : Encik, ini bukan panggilan palsu atau penipuan, ramai sudah pelanggan kami
datang dan menerima voucher percuma dari kami. Encik di Sabah kan ? Encik
di mana ? Kami berada di Beverly Hotel untuk registration.
(Sir, this call is not false, there is lots of our customer come and free
voucher from us. Sir,you is in Sabah, right ? Sir, Where are you ? We
are at the Beverly Hotel for registration.)

Ahhh… this person try to play some trick with me, again the same question from me.

Me : Encik, saya perlu juga nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik.
(Sir, I still need your ID card number too, to check your data)

Tut tut… The man end off the phone, did I do something wrong hehehe… Ok never mind, I thought the spam call is finish, then again ring ring.. (Nokia Ringtone) This time the number is different, ahh….. only the last digit is different . Never mind I just take the phone, this time I have a little bit angry with this stupid and disturbing call hehehe…. I don’t want to use the same question. Ohh.. this time the man voice different, he sound like the big guy, maybe this is the big boss. Ok read this

Big Boss: Selamat Tengahari, Encik in dari Sunway Hotel
(Good Afternoon, Sir this is from Sunway Hotel)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Big Boss : Nombor telefon encik 016…. (Sir your number is 016…)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Big Boss : Tahniah encik, nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi….
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win …)
Me : Yes

I know the dialog again and again so…before they finish it.. I just say Yes… Now my time

Me : Encik, saya tidak berminat untuk ke Hotel Sunway, saya sudah berkali-kali ke sana, dan tidak ada apa-apa yang menarik di Hotel Sunway Encik.
(Sir, I don’t interested to go Sunway Hotel, I already go there many times, and there is nothing special at Sunway Hotel, Sir.)

Big Boss: Sudah berapa kali, Encik ? (How many times, Sir)
Me : Sudah banyak, Encik (So many times, Sir)
Big Boss: Encik, voucher in percuma……
(Sir, this voucher is free….)

Then, suddenly this big boss end off the phone.. Maybe he try to make it look like suddenly disconnect.. hehehe… their skill is not so professional or maybe they love to end the off the phone like that… Hehe.. for your information, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is a 5-Star with 441 rooms at Sunway City,Kuala Lumpur.

I tell this story too my friends, hehe.. they laugh at me because I ask them for their ID card number. Some of my friends say they have the same experience about it, but not at the mobile phone, they call at the phone house number. Lol.. House phone lucky number hehehe…. They said to me of course the voucher is free but to get the voucher, we need to register with them to become a member. Then the registrations need to pay with lots of money.

See how pretty of the skill in marketing their business buy giving a best free voucher. In the same time looking for new member and get some money from registration. Mmm forget something.. during registration, they need you to agree some agreement or term of service that we don’t know if we don’t read carefully.

Entertainment Help Me Movie Music

Cute ancient flute – Ocarina – Drum Beat – Music – Super Mario Bros – Classic Games

Now day, lots of thousands of people complaining about the same problem of increasing oil price in the country. Then, what we can do? Show our angry on the road…hehehe The answer is “No”. We must understand economic process and support our own country solution regarding for this problem. Hehehe… I am not the person who good in economic subject, so I don’t want to make complain so much. Just think about our own solution, how to manage our life because of this problem now. Other people said change your life style yeah.. but how to change? That is my opinion.

Eh.. Where is the story? Hehehee… I think everybody know about super Mario Bros. Long time ago when I was a kid. This is the classic game that I love to play, Super Mario with his friends Lugi and the Princes hahaha.. until now I love the music or soundtrack. Mario inside the game take the mushroom and become bigger hehehe…. This is Super Mario yeahhhh. Now days in computer or play station this game become 3D view and it is look nice to play and some ability has been added like Mario can fly and more. Nahhh.. nice game right.

What is Ocarina? Ocarina is the cute ancient flute instrument wahhhh… In history, it believe to date back some 12,000 years that is particular importance in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. It is like flute instrument, we need to blow so we can hear the sound. Why I said that it is a cute instrument? Take a look for this picture, it have many type design and shape. The sound is very nice. Like the sompoton ? mmm… No

This Image I take from Flickr Photo upload by Origami Potato. Some a made from marble, others is plastic and more.

Here is the cute ancient flute, Ocarina hehehe…play for the Super Mario music. I take this video from youtube, Super Mario with Ocarina. There is lot of music you can play using ocarina not only this, you can watch the video music at there is lot of song there like “Dance to the Music of the Ocarina”, “Sorta Looney”, “Amazing Grace”, “Island Jig”,“Harmony Sweet Potato” and more.

Here is the Super Mario Music using Ocarina

Then suddenly like I cross this Super Mario song playing with the fully set of drum I think so.. Hmm before we watch this another song turn on your speaker loudly hehehe… so we can feel the nice beat drum.. My advice is when watching this video clip.. don’t forget to close your mouth hehehe… just kidding 😀 but I think this is cool.. Enjoy this playing drum video. Yeah Super Mario hope this can release tension for the oil price problem..

Help Me

Hello to all my friends, i have problem, :-(

I miss my blog.. i have problem for my internet connection at house. Now I’m at cybercafe rent for internet…i don’t know what happen to my internet company provider.. it always like.. this…

Maybe i am over wish for the star last of my post…hahaha… but then i will try keep update my blog.. i like this cybercafe here.. not so many people and not so noisy..
Help me… let me know how i can connect internet using other service….

I like to ex-change link to other… those who like to ex-change link with my blog, just drop me comment in my post here.. I am sure will link you up.. 😀 just add my link.. i will link you up.. 😀 thanks my friends…

Hope my internet connection will be alright soon.. 😀 Thanks 😀