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I wake up this morning, now I back with my blog… Good Morning my friends… I love U blog hehehe.. Yesterday I download FireFox3 but not yet install in my computer.. 😀 So this morning before I read my email and some of my online comic, I upgrade my browser to FireFox3. Wow… FireFox3 have a good new looking… I try to enter address then suddenly my anti-virus alert sound activate…. Haaaa have a virus.. What happen.. I using avast v4.8 anti-virus for my computer protection. Here is the screen shot that I take..

Wow… I don’t believe what happen, just thinking why this suddenly happen? Is this because of the FireFox3 that I upgrade….? Ahhh you don’t know.. I also don’t know.. Hehehe.. Then I try to use other browser, first I open using Netscape browser.. to see what happen… Then it is was successfully open.. no virus.. alert..

Hmmmm… I try again, I open using Internet Explorer..alert sound from Avast sounding again… “tut tut… Caution A virus have been detected..” Why have a virus.. ? Then I try again using Opera browser to open, again the Alert sound from my antivirus is sounding… Why only Netscape.. The old browser have no virus detection.. Is this cause by the FireFox3 or maybe something wrong in my computer? Infected by Virus.. ? I try opening other search engine site like Google there is no virus detection. Etavasi blog also no virus.. found Hehehe… of course.. Let me know if this happen to you also.

Google Tutorial

How to translate different language? I can help you translate text to other different language including all your blog contents

First off all, say thank you to me… hahahah 😀 no need lah..When I do my reading inside internet, suddenly I was thinking on how to read other blog or website that has different language, so I looking for online dictionary…. mmm not so good for me. This is because I need to translate one by one for each word, so hard ooo like this.

Then I found this, translation website from A to S different country language, why not A to Z? I’m also don’t know why not A to Z but thanks to Google for helping me. This will help me learning more language. I like it because it is fun.:D

What we can do is, visit Google Translate Beta , it will help you translate in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Oooohh that’s why not A to Z hehehe..

The best thing in using Google Translate Beta is you can translate all entire contents in your blog to other different langguage. Not only your blog but others blog or website that you wish to read. What you need is just insert your blog or website URL that you wish to read and press translate.

This is the screen shot of my blog when I try to translate into Japanese language. If you wish to try is CLICK HERE.

404 error Google

My dot com is now working :-D

It take 2 days to recover this error, now I will work mostly using my dot com. Thanks everyone who advice me. In that time I feel so tension and angry with this Google, I make lot of complaining letter then I think it is funny, ha ha… Then I do my research, most users also complaint about this kind of 404 errors. Finally I found this website called The Real Blogger Status.

I copy and paste this skill on site to tell others who have the same problem. What we can do when we encountered with this 404 errors. Follow this 3 step

1. Publish the blog back to “”.

2. Publish the blog, again, to “”. Go to Settings – Publishing, and click on “Switch to: •“. (wait for 24 hour)

3. From Settings – Publishing again, click on “Switch to: • Custom Domain“, then on “Switch to advanced settings“. Again enter your domain for “Your Domain”, and again select “Redirect “” to “”.

Well so easy method only 3 step to take, then my dot come back to functioning. Nice and simple step. Now I feel happy again.

404 error Google

What happen to my dot com ?

I just by my domain yesterday but, then something was happen.

I also don’t know why 🙁

Always show this 404 error

Plz anybody dot com help me 🙂 eeee….. I better buy domain with my own hosting..

Sorry…. 🙁 for the broken link