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Happy April Fools’ Day to all you

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Magic, Magician and the reveal

What is magic illusion? Based on the history, the word “magic” is come from the Latin word Magi. Magic illusion is kind of art performance that bring entertainment to audience by creating best illusion. Other people also called it magic tricks. Those people who perform this art are called magician. There are many different magic style effects which are production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escapology, levitation, penetration, prediction and more.

Ini the same time, professional magician need to understand and give commitment to “Magician’s Oath” never reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians. The original magician’s oath was written in some 2,400 years ago by Charlatates, the Greek father of modern magic but now it is been modified to keep up with changing times. Well I think not all magician keep and follow this oath. Some of them use masks and reveal the secret of magic. “The Masked Magician”, this person using FOX Network TV specials to show magic then reveals the magic secret. We know that everybody want to know how he do the magic so by this he become popular to reveal the secret.

I my opinion, everyone know that magic is only illusion trick which apply by magician in art performance so audience can feel entertain fun and enjoys. Magician becomes famous when they perform an incredible magic illusion either on the stage or just at the street. For me “The Masked Magician” and his team magic, only do magic which people already do it and the popularity come when he reveal the secret magic. NO new magic illusion skill created only copy. Even though we know how the trick of illusion magic, we still need to be professional magician to perform it in front of audience.

By the way, I still enjoy watch this magic show it is fun.

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Valentine’s Day with God of Erotic Love

When we try questioning people around us, what is Valentine’s Day? We will absolutely get and hear so many different answers coming out from their mind and heart. Why heart not only mind, because that is how love couple speak about their feel of love. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. It is like a traditional day which people usually express their love for each other by presenting red rose, sending chocolate with small cute gift or valentine’s card. Do you realize during Valentine’s Day, inside picture or gift we can see hearts shape, love notes, doves and small angel with bow. This small angel name Cupid.

Cupid is the God of erotic love and beauty. He is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor. That why Cupid is an icon of Valentine’s Day. In the legend story, Cupid was a son of goddess of love (Venus) and war (Mars). Venus feel jealous with the beauty of princes Psyche, so she ordered Cupid to make her fall in love with ugliest and poorest man. When Cupid saw Psyche, though, he was so overcome with her unnatural beauty that he dropped an arrow on his foot, and fell in love with her himself. Then after that Cupid visited Psyche every night in his invisible form and told her not to try to see him. If you want to know more story involving about Cupid and Psyche, you can find or buy a book with the tale of Cupid and Psyche.

In modern day, Cupid character represent as cute little angel with his bow shooting someone to inspire romantic love. I found some video clip which is Cupid magic arrow is not working hehe… see this video advertisement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all blogger and my friends, this is free design e-card for you all. You can download to your blog if you like, it’s cute.

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The New 44th President of United States – Barack Obama

This is a little bit about Barack Obama news or biography. He was born on August 4, 1961 at Honolulu, Haiwai. As we know this is the first African America elected President, he was sworn in on January 20, 2009, in an inaugural ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as a community organizer, and practiced as a civil rights attorney in Chicago before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He also taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

I hope most people are happy with the new president of United State. Hope the new president successes in his works and bring a good change to all of U.S community and the world. Lastly, I enjoying watching some video clip when I visit YouTube hehe… so funny. I see some people creative in making Beyonce –Single Ladies song become this video, lets watch it.

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Wonderland Online Game

Now day’s people love to play online game. Why? Playing online game is not like you play game alone by yourself. You can meet other people from other country with different language, time zone, and different ages. It is fun you can chat and play games together. Wonderland online game is one of the online games that are good to play inside internet. After register your email you can start download and playing the game for free. The game is not super 3D that need 3D card to play this game hehe…. Just a normal computer with internet connection is enough.

Here is a little bit info about this game, first we can choose the character to become mage or warrior with 4 different elements Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. We start to train our character from level 1, fight monster to get experience to reach next level. The game is not only leveling our character, we also can customize our sweet home, like manufacturing building this and that, turn it becomes shop to earn some gold. When start manufacturing, then the player need life skill like mining, collecting, fishing, alchemy and cutting. This is fun hehe…we also can make vehicle like spacecraft, ufo, submarine boat, airplane and more. Then using this vehicle we can start travel to other island then start new adventure, quest, story and more.

There is no cheat or cheat code that you can use inside online gaming, same he in this Wonderland online game. But I think playing game using cheat code is no fun at all. I read from other forum about this game, some fanatic people using bot or third party program to make their character super fast level. Then, in the end their ip address and character get banned by the game system, so cannot play the game anymore. See how terrible happen when we try to cheat inside online game hehe.. Don’t ask me how to use cheat code or what is the crack or hack because I am not pro in gaming haha..

Sometimes we need to use real money for online games. Why? We need to buy point card, using this point we can buy special item inside the game. This is to make your character more powerful and look cool. My advices don’t get too influence by online game, just play what inside the game. Otherwise you will lose lot of real money just to buy some point haha… so be careful. If you interested to try and playing the game visit and download Wonderland Online Games from Official Website.

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Tetris is Fun and Enjoy

I sleep back haha.. now I wake up 9.30am. Good Morning again haha.. I think everyone know about Tetris. Tetris is a puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1985. This is the 1st video game that I like to play when I was child haha… because it is easy to play but when come to high level, haha… I lose because of the increasing of the speed game. I think myself only reach level 8 or 9 then turn to game over. Oh.. intensive research from Dr. Michael Crane and Dr. Richard Haier, Tetris lead more efficient brain during play. Advices from me don’t feel stress when player are game over haha… try again u all can do it.. Wow….omg I get shock a minute when I see this person point 999,999 play classic game boy Tetris for just 30 min, some comment said he is not human hahaha… try see this video.

Lot of people love Tetris music theme including me yeah hehe that is when I was child but now lot of version now.. I think music already a little bit different. People enjoy play Tetris music by violin, guitar, piano, drum and other instrument. Use bottle also can play Tetris theme sound wow.. I get some cool drummer for Tetris theme sound same like my post before about Super Mario. Try watch this one hehe.. I like the drum skill hehe… but Opps sorry for the word intro for this video..haha not from me ok.

How about u all interested to play Tetris video game? Or play some Tetris music? Eh never play this game hahaha…

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Have you been hack before?

In my daily day, some people love to talk about hack. I just wondering, why some of my friends so proud to when they can hack something, maybe they feel happy because they can do that trick while others is not. This is what they always say, “Senang saja bah tu kasih hack saja dia…” it means that It is easy, just hack them. Hehehe… don’t try to hack my super cooler cpu computer here because it was so easy to stole and runaway.

Before that, what is hack? Some people say that hack is a one who works hard at a boring task. Most of it is about computer including software, email, programming, internet and more. Hehe..from my opinion there a two level of hacker, beginner hacker is who can open something and stealing. Hmmm.. but this sounds like burglar hehehe. What is for high level hacker?

High level hack is the one who try to get all your private data without been notice by you. It is like chipsmore biscuit… No No..Not like that biscuit. When this happen, all your thing will forever gone. Especially things like money or gold inside our real bank or PayPal. Because of this, people are encouraged to create password account that looks unique and only understand by you. Never tell your password to others even your best friends.

If we have some extra time, try to read some e-book about hacker world inside internet. We can also participate in some course or workshop like Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity to learn and understanding more about internet security.

Ohh…yah I forgot about this another hack level, this is the one who try to reach high level hack.. but not so cool.. This was happen to me when someone try to hack me.. Huhu pity of me.. This email not categorized as spam in my email so it is inside my inbox. Why this email is not categorized as spam in my in box? How do i know? 😛

I copy this email and paste here in my blog, the question is hehehee… why they need to know my marital status hehehe… try to read this email, Does marital status is important to claim the price.. omg..

date Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 8:18 PMsubject
Congratulation You are a winner
Barley House Harold Road
Sutton, Greater London Sm1 4te United Kingdom.


Dear Owner Of This Email Address,


Due to scam mails going around the internet every second, we now made it a point of duty not to allow winners to be deceived by scammers who purportedly use our Organization’s name to scam people around the World and this Intervention is a result of numerous scam mails by scammers in the globe that have been abusing the integrity and reputation of Yahoo Beta Lottery Organization, However, In order for the Lottery Organization to protect her image Winners will be paid within 3 working days without any delay from the delay.

We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our computer balloting sweepstakes held on 20th of June 2008. This is a millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were used. It is a free promotional program aimed at encouraging Internet users; therefore you were not require to buy a ticket to enter for this lottery. Your email has won and has been approved for a lump sum pay out of $950.000Usd. (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars).

The reason why this lottery was organized is to thank the numerous public including users and non-users of YAHOO MAIL for the financial benefits THE YAHOO CORPORATION have received as a result of their Patronage this Financial month.

To claim your winning prize you are to contact the appointed agent as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings:

Reverend Mark Hills


Tel: +44 703 590 0619

With the following Particulars.

Security Code: AL/FEB/XX01

Ref: 4758961725
Batch: ALLINC 70564943902/188

Winning no: FGNGB2701/LPR.

Full Name…………….
Contact Address………………..
Telephone Number………………..
Marital Status………………………..
Date of Birth……………………
Cell Phone Number…………………

You must contact the appointed agent with your email Id ,Full Names, Contact Telephone Number via email to process the immediate payment of your prize.

The Validity period of the winnings is 30 working days hence; you are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim not made before this date will be returned to the yahoo authorities.


For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you.

NB*YAHOO, collects all the E MAIL I D of the people that subscribes to yahoo mail, msn, gmail, hotmail, aol, AltaVista, and others online, among the billions that subscribe to us, only Fifty people will be merge for winnings. We only select fifty people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying, we are congratulating you for having been one of the lucky people that won for this month.

(Thanks for contributing to our Financial Success)

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mrs Jane Scott
Yahoo! 2008 Lottery program Manager


Wow..the lucky price is $950.000 usd, I scare to become rich hehehe… How can be my email is so lucky? This is the level that I said just now, they try to be high level hack… hehehe so I just delete this email from my inbox after I make this post.

How to Hack some profile in ?

I hate that people who want to hack, why they want to hack someone profile? This is because even if they get the password and change all your profile, in reality or logically hehehe…all the friends inside is not your friends. Ok let says that, You read their message and see their private photo and… You spend lots…. of time to hack just for one profile, does it bring benefit to you. I found lots of video in to share how to hack friendster. This is one of them.

What about you my reader? Have you been hack before..? Share some of your story or comment.

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Cute ancient flute – Ocarina – Drum Beat – Music – Super Mario Bros – Classic Games

Now day, lots of thousands of people complaining about the same problem of increasing oil price in the country. Then, what we can do? Show our angry on the road…hehehe The answer is “No”. We must understand economic process and support our own country solution regarding for this problem. Hehehe… I am not the person who good in economic subject, so I don’t want to make complain so much. Just think about our own solution, how to manage our life because of this problem now. Other people said change your life style yeah.. but how to change? That is my opinion.

Eh.. Where is the story? Hehehee… I think everybody know about super Mario Bros. Long time ago when I was a kid. This is the classic game that I love to play, Super Mario with his friends Lugi and the Princes hahaha.. until now I love the music or soundtrack. Mario inside the game take the mushroom and become bigger hehehe…. This is Super Mario yeahhhh. Now days in computer or play station this game become 3D view and it is look nice to play and some ability has been added like Mario can fly and more. Nahhh.. nice game right.

What is Ocarina? Ocarina is the cute ancient flute instrument wahhhh… In history, it believe to date back some 12,000 years that is particular importance in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. It is like flute instrument, we need to blow so we can hear the sound. Why I said that it is a cute instrument? Take a look for this picture, it have many type design and shape. The sound is very nice. Like the sompoton ? mmm… No

This Image I take from Flickr Photo upload by Origami Potato. Some a made from marble, others is plastic and more.

Here is the cute ancient flute, Ocarina hehehe…play for the Super Mario music. I take this video from youtube, Super Mario with Ocarina. There is lot of music you can play using ocarina not only this, you can watch the video music at there is lot of song there like “Dance to the Music of the Ocarina”, “Sorta Looney”, “Amazing Grace”, “Island Jig”,“Harmony Sweet Potato” and more.

Here is the Super Mario Music using Ocarina

Then suddenly like I cross this Super Mario song playing with the fully set of drum I think so.. Hmm before we watch this another song turn on your speaker loudly hehehe… so we can feel the nice beat drum.. My advice is when watching this video clip.. don’t forget to close your mouth hehehe… just kidding 😀 but I think this is cool.. Enjoy this playing drum video. Yeah Super Mario hope this can release tension for the oil price problem..

Entertainment Movie

Narnia 2 – The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Last night, I have 3 option movies to watch, which are Narnia 2, Iron Man and Indian Jones. I want to see Iron Man ahh…what to do, most of my friends choose Narnia. They already watch Iron Man huhuhu… hope someone can send me Iron Man DVD. Must be original ok.. 😀 . Hehehe high demand from me 😛

Long time ago, this 4 kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy come into the Narnia World from the large cupboard but in this Narnia 2, I like how the story begin, from the train they are pulled back in by Susan’s magic horn. In Nardia World, Human and animal can talk, tree and water is alive, wahhh…. I love to watch it again… I love that ending the attack when the water turns into something like human wow…. Animation + Magic + Natural + Action = Best Movie.

Hehehe.. Because I love Narnia movie, so I add Narnia to my Blog, so anybody who still don’t know about this Narnia, try this widget everything is inside, movie, picture, and more.

Entertainment Memory Remains Music

Heavy Rain + Thunder in Sabah, Internet Connection, Angklung, Rihanna -Umbrella

Now mmm.. It is always raining at my place. This cause me cannot surf internet in 24 hours.. Sometime it makes my internet connection not stable, turn on and off frequently. My cats also feel cold Meow meow.. Thunder also makes me scare and I need to shut down my computer otherwise I need to buy new one hehe… I like to share some of my favorite music instrument, I’m not good in playing or even never try or touch it but I like to hear the sound that coming from this instrument called “Angklung”. Well angklung is a nice bamboo music instrument. It is originally from Indonesia.

It is made with two bamboo tubes attach to with other bamboo frame. Two tubes are tune into octaves (double frequency). When I see from TV, people play it by shakes the instrument from side to another side. How to make “Angklung”? What you need is dry bamboo. Hehehe…of course lol … and the rest you can read from this blog (kharistya) but it is written in Bahasa. Today Angklung are been playing in many countries.

This is video clip I take from Youtube on how “Angklung” play in the of music of Rihana Umbrella.