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Earth Hour 2009 Sabah, Malaysia and My Cats Experience

Last Saturday 28 March 2009 8.30p.m, I and family turn off the light for 1 hour. What are you doing during earth hour? Me? After switch off light, I take out digital camera and take some photo hehe.. Unfortunately I only manage capture my cats and house photo, then “low battery” huhu… need to buy new battery lol..Then I went outside my house and watch the sky, I see that the random of stars make the sky beautiful.

After that, the light still off but I turn on my TV hehe.. yeah.. I am waiting for my favourite TV program Akademi Fantasia 7 (AF7). Well at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the Bernama online news I see picture from Anuar Isman that show Petronas Twin Towers went blackout. Nice picture I here in this post.

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My Tilapia Baby Fish Swim More Fast (-_^)

In my daily days, right now I have been busy to find my way on how to fix my own domain name but I just feel tension….hehehe which one internet hosting that cheap but nice to use ? I don’t have lot’s of money that why I look at the cheap one hehehe… Then I wake up and take a fresh air outside my house… wwwwaahhhh… I look at my cats, ahh all of them are sleeping zzZZZ. Then I look at my Tilapia baby fish, now they a getting bigger yahoo… Yeah.. Long time ago when I write about it, they size is too small, like a mosquito larva..(Click here for my older post) It is hard to take picture in a close range. This is because mmm when they see you, all of them will run away hehehe… maybe they are scare or somehow but I manage to catch their picture. This is their size right now, look at this picture.


I just remember where I put my cat’s teeth

This story was happen long time ago, during that day when I was wake up always in 9 am. I just wonder why “Parsi” mouth has a little blood. Then, I look it from far away, actually not so far just behind the door hehe.. “Parsi” cannot take his food and cleaning is body, like it does in everyday. I just feel pity with “Parsi” action so I came closer.

When I look what happen to “Parsi” mouth, it was bleeding then one of his teeth are broke but still hanging in front of his mouth. Maybe that piece of teeth takes some time to drop it by itself but I just can’t see “Parsi” action that uncomfortable, so I decide to help “Parsi” to take out his teeth. Then, using my hand I manage to take “Parsi” teeth out that hanging in front of his mouth. Hehe..In the beginning I just use some tool but it is hard to capture “Parsi” teeth that is small and “Parsi” became scare then what to do I just use my hand.

Now I just remember where I put my cat’s teeth, here is the picture. I add some ruler so we can make some measurement. Getting to know my all cat’s name 😀 from the older post, “Parsi” is one of them.

Now “Parsi” always look happy as usual and love to play with me


Tilapia Baby Fish

Now day’s price for good things at market is going up and higher, this will bring some problem to others in order to survive for life. Many people complain about this situation. Then here I come up with my new project in giving a special care for my Tilapia baby fish. Hope this project will help me and my family and also my cat’s meow meow in order to survive and have enough food supply for my home. This is my story about Tilapia Baby Fish. Tilapia is one kind of fish that easy to take care and grow in time. In this post i also add my own video. What do you call for Tilapia fish using your own language?

Tilapia Fish in their scientific name known as “Oreochromis mossambica” for red colour and “Oreochromis niloticus” for a black colour. In my place as kadazan people commonly called it “Kalapia Taagang” for red colour and “Kalapia Toitom” for Tilapia which is black colour.

This is my small pond near my house. Now its water turns into green color because of not having yet maintenance. It is take time to clean and change this water because this small pond builds with not having a technology to make it auto clean. I need to do it manually. (Help Me…) Now this small pond is like a hatchery for Tilapia fish at my house.

To take out all this water, nah I use this small water pump technology hahaha… it have the ability to pump out all water and it work fast and more silent , of course it is silent because that pump is inside water. Then, this pump take 30 minute in time to take out all the water, while I’m waiting I still can finish my rollercoaster tycoon 3 games in my computer. Wow it is nice; you should try to play it.

This is a small bathtub which I use to transfer all fish inside it. I fill it water and add some anti-chlorine. Now in order to give a special care for the tilapia baby fish, I just want to select all the baby fish. It is hard to catch all of it and I need big patience. (I think I don’t have it haha..) The fish that has big enough, I bring it to my house so I can cook and eat.

I use this small net to catch all the fish. Let’s catch the Tilapia baby fish yahoooo….. ops before that lets play Gaban song from my older post to bring some music while we are get all this little fish…. Hahahah no need i just kidding.

This bathtub is full of tilapia baby; it is like a mosquito larva if we look it from far away. It is hard to count how much baby tilapia inside this tub. Huhuhu…Now after I clean back my small pond, we need to add anti-chlorine with some measurement, and then flow by freshwater. If you like to buy this Tilapia baby fish, now I make a discount buy 1 free 1… Finally after that small pond has enough water, I put the Tilapia baby back inside it. Hope it will grow fast not just my family but also for my cats meow meow.

This is some video of the tilapia baby fish it is nice to watch but maybe it will be a little bit late to loading. Hope all of you can watch it.


The Story of My Cats

Taaada…the story begins about my cats in the house. Long time inside my house I have 16 members of my cats, each cats have unique characters. One is always feeling shame, I don’t know why that cat feel shame or scare to me or because I’m too cute hahahaa….. Others is indulgent always request meow…meow.. attention . Then the most tension is all that cat will not stop meow..meow.. if they are hungry..
This picture is from my last time post. It is hard to take picture in group because some others cat will keep fighting each other. What is name for all my 16 cats? My name is…..hehehe (^_^) This is my cat list cats name maybe some of you have the same cat’s name with my cat, “Engkeh”, “Parsi”, “Manja”, “Putut”, “Pusii”, “”, “Malur”, “Snowbell”, “Tolok”, “Milang”, “Toki”, “Eteteh”, “Pupus”,” Blacky”, “Omel”, and “Udut”. How about your cat’s name? But if we just called Meow…meow all cats will coming. I feel sad because one of my cats was

I feel sad because one of my cats was dying already; it is called “Manja”. It was during the campaign of Malaysia Election. “Manja” was hit by car on the road then that car mmm…I don’t want to talk about that car. What I know is I hate that car. The last moment with “Manja” is at that night after eat together with all my cats. We were just playing with “Manja” and other cats at that night. When come tomorrow, in morning when calling all cats to eat. “Manja” is not coming, Meow…..meow… Searching for “Manja” then suddenly someone from my cousin told me “Kivaa tingau na ka langgal kulita ii dougosodob” (There is cat hit by car last night). We look for it and it is “Manja” lots of blood at his head. Huhuhu….. Then to remember it, we rename “Pusii” become “Manja”. Haaa.. manja is alive.

Ok..The sad time is past over.The happy time is coming yahhooo.. now my cats have 3 new members without name. Hehehe we haven’t yet give name for them. Give me idea for my cats name.. These 3 new members are come from my cat called “Pupus”. Asking about their father… is hard to explain because I also don’t know which one hehehehe..Now in my house i have 16-1+3=18 cats


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