404 error Animal

My Tilapia Baby Fish Swim More Fast (-_^)

In my daily days, right now I have been busy to find my way on how to fix my own domain name but I just feel tension….hehehe which one internet hosting that cheap but nice to use ? I don’t have lot’s of money that why I look at the cheap one hehehe… Then I wake up and take a fresh air outside my house… wwwwaahhhh… I look at my cats, ahh all of them are sleeping zzZZZ. Then I look at my Tilapia baby fish, now they a getting bigger yahoo… Yeah.. Long time ago when I write about it, they size is too small, like a mosquito larva..(Click here for my older post) It is hard to take picture in a close range. This is because mmm when they see you, all of them will run away hehehe… maybe they are scare or somehow but I manage to catch their picture. This is their size right now, look at this picture.

404 error Entertainment

Nice 3D Cartoon To Watch

This nice 3D cartoon hehe….:D click read more to is nice and fun :D.

After enjoy watching this video clip, I think I just use blogspot as my blog 😀 forget about the the domain. I will find solution for it later. To all my blogroll my friends please change my link inside your blog to

404 error

Today I have a problem with my domain

I don’t know why, my own domain name cannot be used. This cause trouble to me. I have to change all my blog setting back to blogspot url. I hate this happen again and again. I remember that when first time a buy this domain from blogger, the same thing happen to me. I think maybe no need to use own domain name. 🙁 Please add my blogspot URL inside your blogroll. If this problem still happen then I just use blogspot as my URL. It cause lots of work to do when something happen. Ahhh….what to..ah? Somebody give me idea how to solve this thing.. 🙁

404 error Google

My dot com is now working :-D

It take 2 days to recover this error, now I will work mostly using my dot com. Thanks everyone who advice me. In that time I feel so tension and angry with this Google, I make lot of complaining letter then I think it is funny, ha ha… Then I do my research, most users also complaint about this kind of 404 errors. Finally I found this website called The Real Blogger Status.

I copy and paste this skill on site to tell others who have the same problem. What we can do when we encountered with this 404 errors. Follow this 3 step

1. Publish the blog back to “”.

2. Publish the blog, again, to “”. Go to Settings – Publishing, and click on “Switch to: •“. (wait for 24 hour)

3. From Settings – Publishing again, click on “Switch to: • Custom Domain“, then on “Switch to advanced settings“. Again enter your domain for “Your Domain”, and again select “Redirect “” to “”.

Well so easy method only 3 step to take, then my dot come back to functioning. Nice and simple step. Now I feel happy again.

404 error Google

What happen to my dot com ?

I just by my domain yesterday but, then something was happen.

I also don’t know why 🙁

Always show this 404 error

Plz anybody dot com help me 🙂 eeee….. I better buy domain with my own hosting..

Sorry…. 🙁 for the broken link