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mp3 in Sabah

What is MP3 ?

Yeah.. everyone know that mp3 is some kind of format for music files, it is very popular in now day, accroding to ,MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a digital audio encoding format.

This encoding format is used to create an MP3 file, a way to store a single segment of audio, commonly a song, so that it can be organized or easily transferred between computers and other devices such as MP3 players. MP3 uses a lossy compression algorithm that is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners. An MP3 digital file created using the mid-range bitrate setting of 128 kbit/s results in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the digital data found on an audio CD.

What is good about mp3?

Mp3 file size is smaller than CD audio files, some files has good quality as CD audio. Now days there are many player designed to play mp3 files (visit People using mp3 player because it is easy to used (just plug into computer),small in size and there is no worry about size compared to cdplayer that using disc. The most interesting part is FREE, people love free stuff and some mp3 file we can get for free using the famous software limewire (visit

The question ?? It is possible we can turn all songs file into mp3 file format ?

Yes it is, but it is NOT give an advantage to some artist. Why? because of the word FREE. The word FREE make big effect towards artist. The concept is, nobody will buy new hits album because they can get music for free. Some people say “No MP3”. But for the famous or big artist, she or he become more popular when we get and hear their music.

In Sabah, Kadus Entertaiment (visit banned music from kadazandusun race turn into MP3 file for the protection of Sabah music artist. Some people say YES, because when we turn music in MP3 formats file, we can make this music became famous and breakthrough the other countries market. Examples, Indonesia (Poco-poco dance and music), Japan, Korean, English, Philippine and more other country. After we hear and love their music, we proudly by their original music disc or going for their live concert. Others also say “How we can let other people from other country and race know our own music???”. We need their comment or idea to make an improvement in our music.

What is your opinion?? Right your opinion or comment here. Do you think it is good to turn Sabah music into mp3 files?? Or Something else??


EOE shopping website

What is EOE ? EOE means East Ocean e-Imaging (M) Sdn Bhd

Now we can make online shopping from EOE website at .It is a nice website with online photo portal filled with lots of fun and excitement for users. Other than a wide range of photographic products available for online shopping, users are also able to order for prints online instantly and conveniently.

I just discover EOE online from advertising, if you are looking for camera digital product? Try to look from eoe online, you can buy from their website using Mastercard, Visa and

They also have more than 25 physical outlets conveniently serving our customers mainly in the Klang Valley at high people traffic locations such as Tesco hypermarts, Jusco departmental stores and major shopping malls such as 1 Utama, SACC Mall and KL Sentral.

Visit EOE online right now and sign up as eoe member, you can get free wallpaper downloads, with breathtaking scenes, photo dedication, competition, gallery and some discount for product.


Smart Toilet Just For You

Hey check this out, this is the “Intelligence Toilet” system, created by Japan’s largest toilet company, Toto, can measure sugar levels in urine, blood pressure, body fat and weight. The toilet, which starts at $3,500, was developed by Toto in conjunction with home builder Daiwa House Industry.

Users begin their toilet-room medical at the built-in urine analyzer, which collects five cubic centimeters (0.15 fluid ounces) of urine before analyzing sugar levels. The device cleans itself automatically after the one-minute long test. Users then move to the blood pressure monitor, within arm’s reach of the toilet, then weigh themselves on a set of scales in front of the basin and measure their body mass index (BMI) after washing their hands. Once results are taken, they are transferred to a home network, and analyzed on a computer spreadsheet. Advice about diet and exercise is then dispensed, without any human intervention.

Looking for toilet seat,this is Lotus- Smart Toilet Seat, by Lotus Hygiene System

Lotus Hygiene Systems Inc specializes in development and marketing of Smart Hygiene Seat products. Lotus brand products are manufactured in Korea by their partner factories.They take great pride to offer our Lotus series of Smart Hygiene Seats. Some products have great styles, full functionality, superb quality, and competitive pricing.

They commitment is to bring the best SHS products to consumers, and help people achieve a higher level of personal hygiene by improving their daily toilet routine.

At Advanced Toilets, Inc., they give first priority to customer service and spare no effort make sure our customers are satisfied and happy. Some offer for customers is ’90 day No Risk Return’, the first in the industry. This shows the confidence they have in their products and the commitment for full customer satisfaction.

You can get your own smart toilet from

Others toilet called smart because of their function, multiply function

This also we can put into category as a smart toilet. When you done with your business it will automatically flush by it self. It also will provide suitable temperature at toilet seat and this can be adjust using remote

visit this website

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Memory Remains

Pimp My Ride Kg. Kuai Penampang

Yesterday, there is a group of 5 person called “Pimp My Ride Kg. Kuai Penampang ” They work hard until midnight with their high skill technique in engine mechanic.

Alright.. Start your engine

Gentlemen get ready

Need more power…

We are almost done

Nice team work


Something wrong with

Want happens to
just now,when I open my blog, it’s view or pop up something like this,

I try to check website, and what happen is, it also appear with not an original website but something like this

” This domain name expired on Jan 03, 2008 Click here to renew it.”

How come their domain can be expire??


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Memory Remains

Daily memory of 2007 before we enter the year of 2008

Yeah….!! The winners get a
big present gift, after “Gimbok”
name appear.

oh..Don’t feel jealous
Everyone got their present

Oh… My cat became Santa Clause
Hello name is Blacky

Sometimes we need to release tension
(Camera trick only)

Christmas Eve party

Reunion Geng Ina

” Tou onu kozo solita..”

We are on action with ” Transformer”


Birthday Party -Evangeline-@~~

New Year Party

Taman Bahagia
everybody is terencat akal hehe

All mobile phone service is “Hang” Ayo…
I cannot sent message oh..

The right way to hold your mobile phone

11.58 PM 31st Disember 2007
Where is my network coverage ????



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