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In our daily life, we always make some comparison for each production before we proceed to buy it. Comparison products help us in thinking which one is good or not. Well sometimes we might ask our friends to get some of their opinion. After get the answer from other people, we still need to consider our own opinion. From how we thinking, we probably can get the best product which is suitable for our self and most important is save our budget. Sometimes, we might feel stress, just about thinking all things.

Today I like to share one of the good website called This site is like Wikipedia which content much information. Inside this site we can find many guides about all different products or appliance that we used every day in our life. Here we can see appliances are grouped roughly by the function within their category like cleaning, large, environmental, safety and more household appliances. If we interested in kitchen appliances, here this category are arrange inside Kitchen and Dining category. This page will show many related appliances including guide for each other product to help consumer getting more info about it. We can read and get more information from large kitchen appliance to small appliance.

Interesting about this website, we can see they create a specific page for small appliance like hand mixers. Inside the page, we can read more about consideration or information before choosing this appliance. While, in the same time, they also make comparison appliance between hands and stand mixers to make sure, we as consumer really understand want we want to buy. Well we can find more about other appliance inside, not just kitchen appliances but many appliances like clothing, electronic, computers, office, sports, wedding, and more.

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Magic, Magician and the reveal

What is magic illusion? Based on the history, the word “magic” is come from the Latin word Magi. Magic illusion is kind of art performance that bring entertainment to audience by creating best illusion. Other people also called it magic tricks. Those people who perform this art are called magician. There are many different magic style effects which are production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escapology, levitation, penetration, prediction and more.

Ini the same time, professional magician need to understand and give commitment to “Magician’s Oath” never reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians. The original magician’s oath was written in some 2,400 years ago by Charlatates, the Greek father of modern magic but now it is been modified to keep up with changing times. Well I think not all magician keep and follow this oath. Some of them use masks and reveal the secret of magic. “The Masked Magician”, this person using FOX Network TV specials to show magic then reveals the magic secret. We know that everybody want to know how he do the magic so by this he become popular to reveal the secret.

I my opinion, everyone know that magic is only illusion trick which apply by magician in art performance so audience can feel entertain fun and enjoys. Magician becomes famous when they perform an incredible magic illusion either on the stage or just at the street. For me “The Masked Magician” and his team magic, only do magic which people already do it and the popularity come when he reveal the secret magic. NO new magic illusion skill created only copy. Even though we know how the trick of illusion magic, we still need to be professional magician to perform it in front of audience.

By the way, I still enjoy watch this magic show it is fun.

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Internet problem again, too slow

I try to online yesterday but I don’t know why TmNet provide the service too slow. I cannot open lots of website like before. When I try opening my blog or other blog I need to wait almost 10 minute to open it. Then I feel that I just wasting my time sit and waiting for 1 website or blog to full loading so I can read. What happen to internet service? I am tired to keep restart internet modem again and again but still the same problem.

What to do, so I just sitting in front of television to watch TV program from Asto. Then I start watching “Perspektif Kita” which is talk about blog and blogger in Malasyia. In of this topic, they said more about blog in positive and negative impact to development country in Malaysia. From what I see, most of them were talking about using blog in politic. Maybe I am not watching it from the beginning hehe.. I thought they will also talk about making money using blog.

Well next TVIQ channel, now this time I learn about business, money, investment and advertising concept in real market. Then, I try to surf again my internet but I still slow hmmm.. poor service. Then I continue again watch TV, now my favorite Chinese program channel RTM2 hehe.. Wong Fei Hung character plays by Dickey Chung Wai Kin..Yeah one of my favorite celebrity Hehe… now I start forget about the internet problem, hope this day the service will be ok. Anyway, here I like to wish Happy Ash Wednesday to all you.

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Affordable Natural SEO Services from SEO Firm

Building a website into internet is easy process but to promote or bring your website to be getting known by others user internet is one of the bigger problems which is need to be solving quickly. This can be done by learn and understanding how SEO and SEM concept works for your website. Learning process might be taking so long, and this could be wasting so much time if we don’t understand about it. What are SEO and SEM? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method which to improve website to get rank higher in search engine for the target keywords or key-phrases. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) this method is using search engine to promote or market your website. How SEO and SEM work together for website or blog inside internet? We need SEM because campaign with the traffic needed while waiting for your SEO result to come through.

Here introducing SEOSEMID Inc. Indonesia SEO and SEM Provider which is one of the best SEO Firm that provides affordable natural SEO service for everyone. Inside this website, they will provide us with advanced techniques that can miraculously boost-up the popularity of a site. Traffic is the basic requirement for each website or blog to become popular, because of this SEOSEMID Inc. will provide SEO services to track records of all the various keywords which can directly link to the content of website. Hence a highly optimized use of keywords in the content of website will bring up such website in search engine results.

SEOSEMID Inc. also provides best SEO services package up to 7 options. Inside this package, we will obtain sticky post service, link build from up to 10 PR4 and also one way contextual links from different relevant site. Besides that, this SEO Firm services provide are blog comments, bulk content writing and website or blog design. Blog comments can be done by their experts who actually read blog post and drop relevant comment. If you need many unique content or article to increase your Adsense revenue, we can use for their bulk content writing service. By this we can keep website fresh by regularly adding unique content. Lastly, SEOSEMID Inc. provides website or blog design which is affordable to everyone. Well, we can visit this website to get more info about the SEO services.


Robin Thomas Personal Site

Robin Thomas works at Halpern Cowan Ltd. This company is about communications marketing agency that brings a digital approach to traditional marketing. They also are specializing in website design and build, online marketing and digital consultancy. He has simple, clean and professional personal site, which we can get a little bit information about him. In his personal site based on the current role, he is a New Business Manager in Halpern Cowan Ltd. He has written press releases for completed projects and liaised with both on and off line magazines and he develop new relationships in previously unexplored sectors resulting in 6 pitches in 15 months.

In this site also, we can see Robin Thomas previous employment which shown that his position as Account Manager in RSW during October 2006 until July 2007. He ever works as Customer Development Executive in March 2004 until Feb 2006 which he has creating and developing relationships within the independent retail sector. Robin Thomas has great qualification as BA (Hons) in Marketing and Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. We can know more about him by visiting his personal site. Although we cannot see, how was Robin Thomas look like in his picture or video inside this personal site but we can follows his activity in Twitter by clicking link in his front personal site. Here is Robin Thomas personal site screen shot which is look simple, clean and professional design style.


Longest Sausage in the worlds for St. Valentine’s Day

Sausage is one kind of foods that I like to eat hehe.. especially during my breakfast because it is easy to prepare. When we add sausage with cheese, it will become more delicious. Well this is the longest sausage (530 meters) prepared by Croatian cooks in the world in eastern Croatia’s town of Vinkovci some 250km east of Zagreb, they made it during Valentine’s Day 14 Feb 2009. This sausage will be distributed to citizens of Vinkovci as a gift for St. Valentine’s Day. Nice gift, right…Nyum nyum.. The current record is held by Romanians for the longest sausage at a length of 392 meters, so the organizers for the event are trying to make it into the Guinness book of records.


Buy or Sell Articles on Articles Trade

Here are others opportunity for all writers and especially from Indonesia, we all can earn some income with buy and sell articles service. Indonesia writers should be proud because this is the first and biggest South East Asia Articles Trading company which is located at Makassar, Indonesia. For those writers who have skill in writing article, here is your chance. They are accepting qualified writers from Indonesia and the other countries which are willing to work with them and build their networks together. What is article trade service and how it works to earn money? First, it is free to sign-up and once you get approved you will be assign task from Article Trade Company. In process of selling or buy article, writers do not need to have a blog, website, or journal. All they need are an original review content which assign from their task and send them to admin. All payment is made by using PayPal service. Special case for Indonesia writers, payment also can be made by using Indonesia Bank Account. If you are website owner which are looking and need high quality or buy unique articles, this is one of the companies which provide you good service. No need to worry about topic, we can request or buy articles with any topic and they will provide for you.

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Become father at age 13, Alfie Patten young daddy

13 February 2009, London – Little cute boys become daddy WOW….The Sun said, this boy’s name Alfie Patten 13 years old become a father with his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman 15 years old. Alfie was just 12 when he impregnated Chantelle.

“I didn’t think about how we would afford it. I don’t really get pocket money. My dad sometimes gives me 10 pounds (21 U. S. dollars),” the innocent-eyed teenager from Eastbourne, south England, told the newspaper.

“When my mum found out, I thought I was going to get in trouble … I didn’t know what it would be like to be a dad. I will be good, though, and care for it.”

Chantelle and the baby are living with Penny, Chantelle’s jobless dad Steve, 43, and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne and the family live on benefits. Alfie, who lives on an estate across town with mum Nicola, 43, spends most of his time at the Steadmans’ house.

I hope Alfie can be a good father and Chantelle can be a good mother. In my opinion it is good decision that at least they don’t do abortion. Hope both parent from Alfie and Chantelle and people around will give a good support for them.

Entertainment Holiday Tutorial

Valentine’s Day with God of Erotic Love

When we try questioning people around us, what is Valentine’s Day? We will absolutely get and hear so many different answers coming out from their mind and heart. Why heart not only mind, because that is how love couple speak about their feel of love. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. It is like a traditional day which people usually express their love for each other by presenting red rose, sending chocolate with small cute gift or valentine’s card. Do you realize during Valentine’s Day, inside picture or gift we can see hearts shape, love notes, doves and small angel with bow. This small angel name Cupid.

Cupid is the God of erotic love and beauty. He is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor. That why Cupid is an icon of Valentine’s Day. In the legend story, Cupid was a son of goddess of love (Venus) and war (Mars). Venus feel jealous with the beauty of princes Psyche, so she ordered Cupid to make her fall in love with ugliest and poorest man. When Cupid saw Psyche, though, he was so overcome with her unnatural beauty that he dropped an arrow on his foot, and fell in love with her himself. Then after that Cupid visited Psyche every night in his invisible form and told her not to try to see him. If you want to know more story involving about Cupid and Psyche, you can find or buy a book with the tale of Cupid and Psyche.

In modern day, Cupid character represent as cute little angel with his bow shooting someone to inspire romantic love. I found some video clip which is Cupid magic arrow is not working hehe… see this video advertisement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all blogger and my friends, this is free design e-card for you all. You can download to your blog if you like, it’s cute.


Easy and Free Sharing and Download File

There are so many reasons why people connect to internet, usually people do blogging, chat, join social network, online games, download e-Book or music file mp3 and more. When searching for file mp3, movie, picture or eBook which is free, one of the best software that we can use is LimeWire. No need to visit website, just search using the software. I think everyone is familiar with this software. It is easy to install and use this program. Those who still don’t know about this program and how to get it? Limewire is a sharing program, you can simply visit official website and start download. Don’t forget choose your platform for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or other system like Solaris.

Limewire new version is 5.0.11 with a new looking style. Well you can get the basic program for free or purchase LimeWire Pro just $13.95. LimeWire Pro provides optimized search result, turbo-charged download, connection from more sources and special pro skin. Get your LimeWire today and enjoy searching and download file for free especially music. Here is some screen shot for LimeWire Pro.