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007 Quantum of Solace

Last night I was going out watching 007 new movies, Quantum of Solace at Growball Cinemax at Center Point, Sabah. Wow.. After watching The Coffin last week now watch 007 also in the same place Hall 8 in Growball Cinemax. Hmmm new hall I think and so comfortable better than the other hall hehehe (^_^) This movie is so great with high adventure and full of action. The staring Daniel Craig was so awesome and COOL playing the character as James Bond.

I going to buy gun then practice become James Bond hahaha…just kidding don’t try this at home haha.. The actions inside this movie never stop from driving car shooting each other, motorcycle, then on the sea..this part is so cool I like it. Oh I forget, some action also using airplane. Looks like my eyes never close during this movie (O_o) haha… Watch at movie cinema for action movie like this is good because we can feel the action and the sound make us feel we really inside the movie. When we watching at home, make sure we buy original DVD or VCD because the quality sound and image is important to make the movie great. Don’t buy if not original otherwise James Bond will go to shoot you haha…

Well if you like to search or download Quantum of Solace movie, music, synopsis games, and some mobile application, we can visit for more info. I recommend for those who love action and adventure movie Quantum of Solace is the best.

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Fat Burner

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Careful with Antivirus 2009

Antivirus2009 or Antivirus 2009 is new virus with a cool name hahaha… Well be careful all my dear friends with this virus. Antivirus 2009 is SCAM. Other site said it use Trojans like Zlob or Vundo to spread it inside our computer. Don’t get easy panic with some notification system, it might be fake notification. This virus is like vdeo codes and when it enters your computer system, something will happen like popups and then notification to let u know your computer have been infection by so many virus. Remember DON’T CLICK any popups or notification. We can try closing it by press Alt+F4 on keyboard. What happen if we suddenly click it? It will bring us to other antivirus website like,, and more sites that need you to buy Antivirus 2009 with license version but it is fake antivirus. In the same time the virus might be already spread inside your computer. Haha.. How it was look like when the virus inside our computer? Our computer will keep pop-up same fake notification or scanning virus in every time we use our computer. This is some snapshot for fake antivirus 2009. What is your antivirus my friends? Well me I like to use Avast, it is best antivirus for me.

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Yeah walking inside internet again

Meow…meow….that was my cat sound (=^.^=) long time ago I like to write story about my cat but after so long not online my cat have new history too hehe….later lah I will write about my meow-meow. I register back my entrecard just so I can visit and drop some card to other blog to get some credit. Then I am so happy I can register back..yeah..Ta..da.. During my blog walking to some other blog, I see blogger or blogspot have so many thing changes, maybe I should learn to use that link-link beside my own blogroll. I love to read story from G, “Hujan Dedaunan”.. it is nice story and I love it.

When I cross at some old friends blog again, “Hot Shit Here” hmmm…hope he still remember me (-.-), i found some video from youtube.. it was so funny..Haha.. Paris for president.. Try see this video, it was so funny haha.. what it would be if the president is like paris ? Dont Laugh…haha…

Hehe exploring internet is fun. I was looking for friendster layout too but I don’t find any that I like. I just set it default with some background code Haha.. and lot of email not yet check or read. Ohh.. I forget my yuwie too. Huhuhu ..sunddenly I remember lot of thing make me stop thinking this morning. Yeah..yeah cool down keep visit website and need to learn more.


Acne Treatment

Worry about acne problem? Well there is some people will be feel stress just because of acne problem. They spend lot of time just to keep look or searching inside supermarket which is the best acne product that suitable for them. Why wasting some much time? Other people also become more stress when the product is not working on their self. Why not give a try visit In this website we can find lot of acne treatment or product which is good to everyone. The site is good because it provides acne treatment reviews for each product from A to Z just to give more info to other people or customers. All products in their list are categorized based on some criteria which are safety, efficiency, value, quality, and company and customer feedback. It will give more confident and easy to choose after reading each of product description. When we take a look for this site, here we can see top 5 acne products that have been rated and proof as best to use for everyone. We can order and buy online from this site too. Worry about price? U should not worry about it because give u best price for each product and you can buy it online.


The Coffin

Last night I was going out with my friends, watch this movie The Coffin. Haha.. Thai movie so scare but I like it. Actually we want to see new movie 007 but not yet start show at our place. I think this day it will be available and the ticket price will turn to expensive price haha…(need to wait until ticket price become cheap :P) so we just watch The Coffin. Hmm.. for the first time I thought the movie is about selling coffin, then I was wrong after watch all the movie. Haha.. so scary and weird ritual need to sleep inside coffin but we are not yet die. After we wake up, all bad luck or disease like cancer and cannot be cure that we have will gone. It sound good right hehe.. actually not 😛 all bad luck or disease going to other people that we love so much.. (nah not so good right) In the end of the movie was so cool, they try to bring back their live become normal then need to sleep inside coffin again. Haha don’t ever try to sleep inside coffin when u is not dead. Why? Watch this The Coffin movie hehehe.. here is some video trailer about this movie…


Diet Pill Guide

During my surf inside internet, here is some website that gives good info about diet pill. When we talk about diet pill or some other product that related for diet supplement, some people say it is good for health and some other say no. In order to answer this question for yes or no, well it is good to read or visit this site first, because they make review for 200 over diet pills. Also inside this website, you can read lots of info product which is describes a best diet pills. Why they said it is best diet pills? Well they already created best diet pills based on these criteria; value, safety, weight loss power, quality for ingredient, additional benefit, and feedback from customer, recodes rates and company reputation on selling this product. When it is basedvalue criteria, it will be the best and cheap diet pills for all people who need it. Reading on their list, there are 10 best diet pills with their product description and also including the additional benefit of taking each type diet pills product. I think this is good for those who are looking cheap diet pills. Feel lazy to find it in the shop? We also can buy it direct online from this website.
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So many thing changes

Yesterday when I online again, I try to read and see all message. Good and bad news happen to me. This make me happy, long time ago I remember I play click and read then get paid by them. The way we can find easy money inside internet, hehe… I thought they don’t want to pay because when I reach minimum payout 10USD, they should pay me but then I don’t receive any. After few months then I get payment from them hahaha… No wonder so many people complaint about it. This is payment from into my AlertPay account on 16 August 2008.

And I receive some too from bloggerwave too and greatesreview..hehe for blog contest. The amount is small but make me happy hahaha.. Yeah..Then a little bit sad when my account at entercard have been deleted because I am not open it for long time. Other advertisement account like blogvertiser are suspended huhuhu.. I will try to do it again. Later I will try to do some website review again, this is fun maybe I will do blog walking too like the old time.. I wish I can use my time machine travel back time to change the world.

Bye the way..Hahaha I feel jealous I see others website and blog become so cool and me hehehe not update at all some widget already expire cannot use again. I forget how to use and do it again but i will learn it again.

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5 Month I am not with My Blog

Look like I am die with my blog… wahhh so long now I am online back to my blog. Hello world of Blog.. hi hi hi I miss this blog Mmmuuahh… look like everything is change. Sorry for not update my blog for long time, look like expire hahaha…I am busy doing something in real life and including the internet line problem, until now day I miss my blog so much. Hmmm I don’t know how to start this blog again.. (I become like “katak bawah tempurung”)
I was surprise when I check my email lot of mail has not been read inbox 1433 and the mail for spam 526. Hmm by the way I almost forget what my password for my email is and that was making me so scared.
Hahaha…Maybe I should activate back all my account inside internet hope it is not expire (sigh).Ahh I miss my friends, I going to check my friendster again, wah I have lot to do now.. I get my internet line back. Yeah I back again. Yahoo ..