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I receive 3 stupid calls yesterday

Now days it is hard for me to access internet, sometimes my internet connection is not so good. Why? Something weird happen ahh… I can use my internet connection for Yahoo Messenger (YM) but I cannot open website or blog fast like before. It takes so much time to loading, and I need to restart again my modem. I hope my internet connection will be good tomorrow. Then I can read others blog. I miss my blog for long time not login

Back to the story, I receive stupid call yesterday from the hotel agent try to cheat me. Hehe.. but I win yeah of course. In my last post I was talk about hack, this is one of them, but totally low level skill hehehe… The conversations start at 12.31pm and in Malay language (i will translate for you) and using 3 person with 2 different number which is 043806542 and 043806541. Ok read this

Women : Selamat Tengahari, Encik (Good Afternoon, Sir)
Me : Ya, Selamat Tengahari (Yes, Good Afternoon)
Women : Nombor telefon encik 016819**** (Sir your number is 016819****)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Women : Tahniah encik, nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi voucher ke Hotel Sunway
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win voucher to Sunway Hotel)

I feel something wrong about this person, why suddenly I become the lucky one..??? So I am testing the person with one question.

Me : Encik, boleh saya minta nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik ?
(Sir, can I have your Identification card number, for me to check your data?)

Suddenly.. Tut Tut Tut… The women end off the phone.

Hehe… Why suddenly the women end off the phone.. ? Why she so scare to give her ID number if I really lucky to won the price? Ok after 40 second again….My mobile phone rings (Nokia ringtone) this time it was man, with the same number. Ok read this

Man : Selamat Tengahari, Encik (Good Afternoon, Sir)
Me : Ya, Selamat Tengahari (Yes, Good Afternoon)
Man : Nombor telefon encik 016819**** (Sir your number is 016819****)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Man : Tahniah encik,nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi voucher ke Hotel Sunway
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win voucher to Sunway Hotel)

Ahhhhh… same dialog before, only change from women to a man. What are they tried to play? I really don’t like this spam mobile phone I was busy doing some of my work that time. I need to read lot of email again. Time is running out. Ok… ok… relax… then I ask again the same question politely.

Me : Encik, boleh saya minta nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik ?
(Sir, can I have your ID card number, for me to check your data?)
Man : Encik untuk apa nombor kad pengenalan saya ?
(Sir, why do you need my identification card number?)
Me : Encik, saya perlu nombor kad pengenalan encik untuk saya periksa data-data
encik samada ini panggilan palsu atau..
(Sir, I need your ID card number to check your data either this call is false or..)

Then suddenly with the high voice, this man interrupt me… huuuu

Man : Encik, ini bukan panggilan palsu atau penipuan, ramai sudah pelanggan kami
datang dan menerima voucher percuma dari kami. Encik di Sabah kan ? Encik
di mana ? Kami berada di Beverly Hotel untuk registration.
(Sir, this call is not false, there is lots of our customer come and free
voucher from us. Sir,you is in Sabah, right ? Sir, Where are you ? We
are at the Beverly Hotel for registration.)

Ahhh… this person try to play some trick with me, again the same question from me.

Me : Encik, saya perlu juga nombor kad pengenalan encik, untuk saya periksa data encik.
(Sir, I still need your ID card number too, to check your data)

Tut tut… The man end off the phone, did I do something wrong hehehe… Ok never mind, I thought the spam call is finish, then again ring ring.. (Nokia Ringtone) This time the number is different, ahh….. only the last digit is different . Never mind I just take the phone, this time I have a little bit angry with this stupid and disturbing call hehehe…. I don’t want to use the same question. Ohh.. this time the man voice different, he sound like the big guy, maybe this is the big boss. Ok read this

Big Boss: Selamat Tengahari, Encik in dari Sunway Hotel
(Good Afternoon, Sir this is from Sunway Hotel)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Big Boss : Nombor telefon encik 016…. (Sir your number is 016…)
Me : Ya (Yes)
Big Boss : Tahniah encik, nombor simcard anda bertuah memenangi….
(Congratulation Sir, your simcard number lucky to win …)
Me : Yes

I know the dialog again and again so…before they finish it.. I just say Yes… Now my time

Me : Encik, saya tidak berminat untuk ke Hotel Sunway, saya sudah berkali-kali ke sana, dan tidak ada apa-apa yang menarik di Hotel Sunway Encik.
(Sir, I don’t interested to go Sunway Hotel, I already go there many times, and there is nothing special at Sunway Hotel, Sir.)

Big Boss: Sudah berapa kali, Encik ? (How many times, Sir)
Me : Sudah banyak, Encik (So many times, Sir)
Big Boss: Encik, voucher in percuma……
(Sir, this voucher is free….)

Then, suddenly this big boss end off the phone.. Maybe he try to make it look like suddenly disconnect.. hehehe… their skill is not so professional or maybe they love to end the off the phone like that… Hehe.. for your information, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is a 5-Star with 441 rooms at Sunway City,Kuala Lumpur.

I tell this story too my friends, hehe.. they laugh at me because I ask them for their ID card number. Some of my friends say they have the same experience about it, but not at the mobile phone, they call at the phone house number. Lol.. House phone lucky number hehehe…. They said to me of course the voucher is free but to get the voucher, we need to register with them to become a member. Then the registrations need to pay with lots of money.

See how pretty of the skill in marketing their business buy giving a best free voucher. In the same time looking for new member and get some money from registration. Mmm forget something.. during registration, they need you to agree some agreement or term of service that we don’t know if we don’t read carefully.

Entertainment Memory Remains Self Improvement Technology Tutorial

Have you been hack before?

In my daily day, some people love to talk about hack. I just wondering, why some of my friends so proud to when they can hack something, maybe they feel happy because they can do that trick while others is not. This is what they always say, “Senang saja bah tu kasih hack saja dia…” it means that It is easy, just hack them. Hehehe… don’t try to hack my super cooler cpu computer here because it was so easy to stole and runaway.

Before that, what is hack? Some people say that hack is a one who works hard at a boring task. Most of it is about computer including software, email, programming, internet and more. Hehe..from my opinion there a two level of hacker, beginner hacker is who can open something and stealing. Hmmm.. but this sounds like burglar hehehe. What is for high level hacker?

High level hack is the one who try to get all your private data without been notice by you. It is like chipsmore biscuit… No No..Not like that biscuit. When this happen, all your thing will forever gone. Especially things like money or gold inside our real bank or PayPal. Because of this, people are encouraged to create password account that looks unique and only understand by you. Never tell your password to others even your best friends.

If we have some extra time, try to read some e-book about hacker world inside internet. We can also participate in some course or workshop like Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity to learn and understanding more about internet security.

Ohh…yah I forgot about this another hack level, this is the one who try to reach high level hack.. but not so cool.. This was happen to me when someone try to hack me.. Huhu pity of me.. This email not categorized as spam in my email so it is inside my inbox. Why this email is not categorized as spam in my in box? How do i know? 😛

I copy this email and paste here in my blog, the question is hehehee… why they need to know my marital status hehehe… try to read this email, Does marital status is important to claim the price.. omg..

date Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 8:18 PMsubject
Congratulation You are a winner
Barley House Harold Road
Sutton, Greater London Sm1 4te United Kingdom.


Dear Owner Of This Email Address,


Due to scam mails going around the internet every second, we now made it a point of duty not to allow winners to be deceived by scammers who purportedly use our Organization’s name to scam people around the World and this Intervention is a result of numerous scam mails by scammers in the globe that have been abusing the integrity and reputation of Yahoo Beta Lottery Organization, However, In order for the Lottery Organization to protect her image Winners will be paid within 3 working days without any delay from the delay.

We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our computer balloting sweepstakes held on 20th of June 2008. This is a millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were used. It is a free promotional program aimed at encouraging Internet users; therefore you were not require to buy a ticket to enter for this lottery. Your email has won and has been approved for a lump sum pay out of $950.000Usd. (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars).

The reason why this lottery was organized is to thank the numerous public including users and non-users of YAHOO MAIL for the financial benefits THE YAHOO CORPORATION have received as a result of their Patronage this Financial month.

To claim your winning prize you are to contact the appointed agent as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings:

Reverend Mark Hills


Tel: +44 703 590 0619

With the following Particulars.

Security Code: AL/FEB/XX01

Ref: 4758961725
Batch: ALLINC 70564943902/188

Winning no: FGNGB2701/LPR.

Full Name…………….
Contact Address………………..
Telephone Number………………..
Marital Status………………………..
Date of Birth……………………
Cell Phone Number…………………

You must contact the appointed agent with your email Id ,Full Names, Contact Telephone Number via email to process the immediate payment of your prize.

The Validity period of the winnings is 30 working days hence; you are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim not made before this date will be returned to the yahoo authorities.


For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you.

NB*YAHOO, collects all the E MAIL I D of the people that subscribes to yahoo mail, msn, gmail, hotmail, aol, AltaVista, and others online, among the billions that subscribe to us, only Fifty people will be merge for winnings. We only select fifty people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying, we are congratulating you for having been one of the lucky people that won for this month.

(Thanks for contributing to our Financial Success)

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mrs Jane Scott
Yahoo! 2008 Lottery program Manager


Wow..the lucky price is $950.000 usd, I scare to become rich hehehe… How can be my email is so lucky? This is the level that I said just now, they try to be high level hack… hehehe so I just delete this email from my inbox after I make this post.

How to Hack some profile in ?

I hate that people who want to hack, why they want to hack someone profile? This is because even if they get the password and change all your profile, in reality or logically hehehe…all the friends inside is not your friends. Ok let says that, You read their message and see their private photo and… You spend lots…. of time to hack just for one profile, does it bring benefit to you. I found lots of video in to share how to hack friendster. This is one of them.

What about you my reader? Have you been hack before..? Share some of your story or comment.

Google Tutorial Yahoo -Yahoo Virus – Update FireFox3

I wake up this morning, now I back with my blog… Good Morning my friends… I love U blog hehehe.. Yesterday I download FireFox3 but not yet install in my computer.. 😀 So this morning before I read my email and some of my online comic, I upgrade my browser to FireFox3. Wow… FireFox3 have a good new looking… I try to enter address then suddenly my anti-virus alert sound activate…. Haaaa have a virus.. What happen.. I using avast v4.8 anti-virus for my computer protection. Here is the screen shot that I take..

Wow… I don’t believe what happen, just thinking why this suddenly happen? Is this because of the FireFox3 that I upgrade….? Ahhh you don’t know.. I also don’t know.. Hehehe.. Then I try to use other browser, first I open using Netscape browser.. to see what happen… Then it is was successfully open.. no virus.. alert..

Hmmmm… I try again, I open using Internet Explorer..alert sound from Avast sounding again… “tut tut… Caution A virus have been detected..” Why have a virus.. ? Then I try again using Opera browser to open, again the Alert sound from my antivirus is sounding… Why only Netscape.. The old browser have no virus detection.. Is this cause by the FireFox3 or maybe something wrong in my computer? Infected by Virus.. ? I try opening other search engine site like Google there is no virus detection. Etavasi blog also no virus.. found Hehehe… of course.. Let me know if this happen to you also.

Cartoon Tutorial

How to make, to get, to have, Cheap External Hardisk

This is my style.. I always look for cheap thing that can help me Hehe…. like my super cooler fan CPU.. Yeah.. What to do, oil price increase, so we need to make some budget management. Besides using CD or DVD to backup data, Hardisk is the other way. I think it is better than CD or DVD. Why…? Some CD or DVD with a cheap price but low quality can be damage in a month and cannot be read anymore.

What is the Best Hardsik Brand ? For me I just don’t care about brand.. I just use Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung and others and I just look for Hardisk that sell with a cheap price from the computer shop and they have a responsible for 3 or more year’s warranty. This is because some shops only responsible to sell hardisk with 1 year’s limited warranty. They always said even the warranty is finish, they can help you to claim from the manufacture factory but….. we need to pay extra charge..

Why they always say like this? When we visit the hardisk website like Maxtor or Seagate, actually the hardsik sell for 3 years warranty support but the shop only responsible for 1 year warranty. Hmm…. some kind of trick

Now day lot of people turn into using SATA hardisk, because of this yeah..we can buy cheap IDE hardisk from them categorized as 2nd hand and some shop also sell IDE hardisk like ATA or PATA for cheap price. Be careful when buy 2nd hand hardisk, we need to see if there is no bad sector or damage of that hardisk. 😀

Updating post 😀 This is how to turn your desktop hardisk into USB External Hardisk (^_^) same like removal disk


I Think… This will HELP you in your blog (^_^) Visitor Detector, Entrecard

Long time ago I was talk about Entrecard and Spotty. Then I remove my spotty widget. Hmmm why..? Less blogger use that widget, so exchange card is not so good.. even my card is so attractive hehehe… hahaha no lah… ok to get approve by spotty we need to put the that widget on top of the blog… follow their measurement. Also take time to get approve. How to get more traffic using Entrecard ? Here is the answer from my experience.

Don’t only drop card, we need to use some credit to advertise to other blog. The more you advertise, more visitor you can get AND this will increase your price for people who want to advertise on your blog. Then when people see your price is high.. woooww so expensive.. 😀 then PLUS your attractive card.. Hehehe.. This will bring more people, reader or traffic to visit your blog and then you will be categorizing as POPULAR BLOG.

Advertise your card to other popular blog especially Money Making Blog. Then this will help you, yes Entrecard provide free advertiser to other blog, using your credit. The other skill that I still thinking about is, promoting selling cheap Entrecard credit to other blogger, like 5USD for 10 000 credits. The question that always playing in my head hmmm.. is there are people who willing to buy the entrecard credit from the seller.. because we can earn credit for free.

Tips for fast dropping Entrecard.. How ? The answer is simple.. just open 3 or 4 new tab, above than 3 or 4 we will experience slow loading for that blog or site. Consider too your internet speed. Yeah now start dropping 4 or 3 in one time. See that is easy. Hehehe.. don’t forget drop entrecard too in my blog hehehe 😀

During my chat to other blogger using YM (yahoo Messenger), Using computer..yes of course lah hehehe… this is the famous question from them… How to know…. How to see your visitor where there come from ? Here I like to mention, I’m not a pro in blogging but I like to share story and knowledge and love comic.. hehehe.. Ok ..

What you can use is.. grab this widget from This is to see our real visitor or traffic where there come from. Other than that we also can know their country too. Ooo yahh..You also can use this are also good because you can set it private so only you can view your statistic for your blog. Why sitemeter is also good mmmm…again why..? hehehe.. Sitemeter provide good analysis for your blog including the graph and pie chart.. then you can start analysis about your blog.

This is only my opinion, if there is anything wrong.. just drop comment, hope I can answer. Using my computer, I just learn how to blog? We can learn it together. Ohh i forget, for those who like to read for my older post about Entrecard and Spotty. (CLICK HERE)

Memory Remains Photo

Happy Father’s Day + Birthday Party – the Tattoo

On last Saturday, yeah.. again another small happy party to celebrate my cousin birthday and together we celebrate Father’s Day. Hehe… as usually we use our grandmother house to celebrate this party, yes it was fun even there is no karaoke on that day. Before these celebrations begin, we have our rosary prayer lead by my auntie. Then we sing birthday song together for my cousin and modify it turn into Father’s Day song hehehe.. no format for this song. I start on my camera, to capture their picture..wah look at this..start with Father’s Day cake

After finish my eating hehehe… I join the kids and the other watch TV, they all watch the Travel and Living channel. It is about tattoo studio.. Here I learn new things about tattoo, from what I see people make tattoo on their body because of some reason. The tattoo design or picture on their body has some memory for them to remember. The other reason is people think it is cool to have tattoo. Tattoo is not just on the human body but it can be everywhere, like chair, skate board or anything.

Entertainment Help Me Movie Music

Cute ancient flute – Ocarina – Drum Beat – Music – Super Mario Bros – Classic Games

Now day, lots of thousands of people complaining about the same problem of increasing oil price in the country. Then, what we can do? Show our angry on the road…hehehe The answer is “No”. We must understand economic process and support our own country solution regarding for this problem. Hehehe… I am not the person who good in economic subject, so I don’t want to make complain so much. Just think about our own solution, how to manage our life because of this problem now. Other people said change your life style yeah.. but how to change? That is my opinion.

Eh.. Where is the story? Hehehee… I think everybody know about super Mario Bros. Long time ago when I was a kid. This is the classic game that I love to play, Super Mario with his friends Lugi and the Princes hahaha.. until now I love the music or soundtrack. Mario inside the game take the mushroom and become bigger hehehe…. This is Super Mario yeahhhh. Now days in computer or play station this game become 3D view and it is look nice to play and some ability has been added like Mario can fly and more. Nahhh.. nice game right.

What is Ocarina? Ocarina is the cute ancient flute instrument wahhhh… In history, it believe to date back some 12,000 years that is particular importance in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. It is like flute instrument, we need to blow so we can hear the sound. Why I said that it is a cute instrument? Take a look for this picture, it have many type design and shape. The sound is very nice. Like the sompoton ? mmm… No

This Image I take from Flickr Photo upload by Origami Potato. Some a made from marble, others is plastic and more.

Here is the cute ancient flute, Ocarina hehehe…play for the Super Mario music. I take this video from youtube, Super Mario with Ocarina. There is lot of music you can play using ocarina not only this, you can watch the video music at there is lot of song there like “Dance to the Music of the Ocarina”, “Sorta Looney”, “Amazing Grace”, “Island Jig”,“Harmony Sweet Potato” and more.

Here is the Super Mario Music using Ocarina

Then suddenly like I cross this Super Mario song playing with the fully set of drum I think so.. Hmm before we watch this another song turn on your speaker loudly hehehe… so we can feel the nice beat drum.. My advice is when watching this video clip.. don’t forget to close your mouth hehehe… just kidding 😀 but I think this is cool.. Enjoy this playing drum video. Yeah Super Mario hope this can release tension for the oil price problem..

Memory Remains Movie Photo

Back from using Time Machine- Kung-fu Dunk- Cousin Birthday Party

Last time I play with the time machine, suddenly the source power was finish… Ohhh what the terrible time.. but I manage to get back this morning with the help of kungfu dunk movie hehehehe…. Good morning.. what Kung fu dunk.. ???

This is the story begin.. Columbia present…jeng ..jeng.. the intro.. hahaha. On the last Saturday, my uncle and auntie celebrate their son birthday party. It was a nice party, lot of them were happy and enjoy sing karaoke, eating lots of delicious food, enjoy some drink and me.. was enjoy eating sweet candy and the cake.

This is some of the picture that I manage to get, I don’t know what happen to my camera battery.. I recharge for 1 day… then I just can use it in 35 minute..mmm something like that.. then TIT TIT TIT low batt…

I feel tired then I sit at the living room watch DVD movie with kids.. hehehe that my friends.. small kids.. The first movie.. mmm I seem don’t understand what the meaning.. then switch to second movie.. Kung-fu Dunk.. the actor was the handsome guy called Jay chou.. hehehe I think not so handsme.. lah hehehe.. now I can see this movie yeah..

Inside this Kung-fu dunk movie.. Jay Chou manage to travel back to the time.. Focus and make some kung-fu movement the.. Then clouds is come.. Lighting effect must have.. Like my time machine.. hehehe.. then we can travel back to past time.. That is how I copy Jay Chou skill and use his technique back to this morning.. hahaha… That only my sweet dream.. when I was sleep. I want to show how Jay Chou travel into past time.. using his kung fu so I find some video in youtube.. and add in my post here.Wah this kung fu is not like kung-fu panda that is now showing in cinema hehehe…..

Memory Remains Self Improvement

The Age That I wish To Get Back To with 20 Questions

I just thinking how I want to get back to the age that I wish? Using blogger? Tik… tok…tik..tok.. OK build Time Machine so I can travel back to the past. First we need super power computer always running 24 hour s. Yes.. Power supply more and over 1000TrillionWatt, ahh how I can get this enough power? Wait..wait I feel thirsty, where my Ice Lemon tea.. no no.. my mango juice..Yes..I have an idea.. Yes.. Don’t worry I still can catch thunder lighting from the sky hehehe…. I need a perfect calculation regarding the speed and energy to travel back to the time. Then suddenly I was wake up…

Wow..this is the age that I wish to go back to, wah… why? This is the time when my parents always bring me to shopping and play at the playground and I have lot of toys in this age hehehe….shhh don’t tell anyone. Wah I miss this age…

Ting…tong..ting…tiong… ah.. my mobile phone.. “ 1 message receive “ was morning.. OMG It was my dream.. back to the age that I wish.. hehehe. Let me answer and reply this massage,

What is your favorite food.. ? me …I like to eat barbeque, spaghetti and pizza and steamboat seafood. What was your happiest moment when you were child? See above I just dream about it hehehe…Where is the place that you want to go most? I want to Lourdes. Which part of you do you hate the most? Well I love it all. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do..? I just sleep and pray hope get a new day. What are you afraid to lose the most? I afraid I lose my cat, long time ago.. I lose my cats because it was hit by car.. my 3 new member cat also has been given to other people.. huhuhu 🙁

Ahhhh so many question….until 20 question hehehe… never mind …. If you win $1 million, what would you do? Ah I like this, I will open my own cybercafé….. yeah everybody can surf internet. What do you love the most about last year 2007.. I love my memory, you can see what are we doing last 2007 (Click & Read Here for my last post). Which.. What … How.. what.. ahhh.. my mobile phone have no battery….

Ok that is my time travel back to past, age that I wish with the 20 question but.. I just finish answer until 9 suddenly my mobile phone battery is empty.. hehehe.. (^_^)..

Memory Remains Photo Sabah

Big Family Gathering for Kaamatan

Next, after visit Kaamatan at KDCA on Friday, we make a small gathering at my grandmother house to celebrate Kaamatan Day. It was holiday so everybody will come together, eat, and have fun. We always use our grandmother house as a place for us to celebrate or doing any activity, like last time we watch Stacy performance on my last post.

That night is was fun and happy time. Most of them enjoy sing karaoke, laughing together. There is lots of food nyum nyum… The others are watching TV to see live performance from Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu,Sabah. Hehehe… because we are not there so we just watch from TV. Here I take some photo to what we are doing that night.

Inside the house, they all watch Kaamatan Festival Day live on TV

Outside the house

Enjoy Karaoke

Ok.. that the story and picture.. 😀