Help Me

Hello to all my friends, i have problem, :-(

I miss my blog.. i have problem for my internet connection at house. Now I’m at cybercafe rent for internet…i don’t know what happen to my internet company provider.. it always like.. this…

Maybe i am over wish for the star last of my post…hahaha… but then i will try keep update my blog.. i like this cybercafe here.. not so many people and not so noisy..
Help me… let me know how i can connect internet using other service….

I like to ex-change link to other… those who like to ex-change link with my blog, just drop me comment in my post here.. I am sure will link you up.. 😀 just add my link.. i will link you up.. 😀 thanks my friends…

Hope my internet connection will be alright soon.. 😀 Thanks 😀


Use this inside your blog :D It is nice

First I like to say that I am not the pro in blogging but I like to share to others what I know. Then I like to learn new things from them, sharing knowledge are good. Today I am going to sharing to all of you this nice tool to use for blogger. Most blogger using this to drive people enter to your blog, this is nice and fun to use, we need to create some picture or sign so people will visit you blog. Then what is the requirement for blog, hmmm…. I thinking there is NO lah, everyone can use it for free of charge. First design your picture or sign in this small size pixel. You can use Adobe Photoshop or the easy one is using paint also enough. Design something unique that can attract someone but do not use something that is not safe for kids..Otherwise you will be rejected.

Then create your account at What is entrecard ?

Entrecard is a place that we can register our card, something like business card. Then after that we need their widget inside our blog. This widget is for dropping card, when we visit other blog or website that also has this widget, we can drop card inside their widget. The other things is, we can advertise our card inside their blog.

What make this entrecard is valuable?

In the process of dropping and receiving card we earn POINT. What we can do for this point? Yeah is point is like credit for us to advertising to other blog. We can request for the owner website or blog to display our card then we buy it using that credit. The interesting part is we can turn this credit into money. Nice we can visit entercard and start build our own card.

Next is

This is same like entrecard, but is not using any credit, just build or design your card. Then register with them. Place their widget inside your blog and wait until they approve your site. Huuuu…..!! Nothing happen? Hehe.. Once your site approve, your card will automatically will appear to other blog and their card also appear in your blog. It is something like free ex-change link or auto advertising. Nice it is also free to use. Make sure your site does not have any illegal content or safe for all.


The “Make A Wish” Meme

I got this tag from Malyn 🙂 I like this tag thanks 🙂

The “Make A Wish” Meme

Here is the rules :

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic above.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

So here are my wishes:

Now, I’m Tagging all my blogroll

Advertisement – The marketplace of Malaysia

This is new market inside internet, to all Malaysian now we can buy and selling trough internet by visiting this new market place called Here I like to mention to all my reader, from the word of “Mudah” means “easy” . Easy for all Malaysian for start in sell or buy your favorite things at You won’t regret because it is easy to use. Just select the region and start marketing process. Yes, so easy to use.

Let’s take a look at this region state of Sabah, Land below the Wind. Yes, there is lots of item we can buy here, Mobile phone, computer item, kulintangan music service, car, homemade cake and more. We can visit

We can easy search our favorite item by click the favorite link inside this web of

I think this is nice item for mobile phone, N93i placed by Vince Hee. The Price is only RM660. This is the picture for N93i. Take a look with this picture.

This mobile phone is cool, maybe I will get it next time. There is more inside, The Marketplace of Malayisa. Tell our friends, family and others about this new marketplace.

This review is brought to you by and!


People’s Choice Award

I got this award from bluecrystaldude

Thanks 🙂 i appreciate this award so much 🙂


I have a nice angel :D

Nice angel inside my room ….

Blogger Template

Grab this unique blogger template

I think this is nice blogger template and it is called as “She Got Style” then I get this and upload here in inside my blog. Sharing this template is fun. The author of this template is Sweet Melancholy

If you like this blogger template, then START DOWNLOAD


What do think about my desk ?

Right now I think i have very nice and clean desk to start blogging.

Lol what is this ???

404 error Google

My dot com is now working :-D

It take 2 days to recover this error, now I will work mostly using my dot com. Thanks everyone who advice me. In that time I feel so tension and angry with this Google, I make lot of complaining letter then I think it is funny, ha ha… Then I do my research, most users also complaint about this kind of 404 errors. Finally I found this website called The Real Blogger Status.

I copy and paste this skill on site to tell others who have the same problem. What we can do when we encountered with this 404 errors. Follow this 3 step

1. Publish the blog back to “”.

2. Publish the blog, again, to “”. Go to Settings – Publishing, and click on “Switch to: •“. (wait for 24 hour)

3. From Settings – Publishing again, click on “Switch to: • Custom Domain“, then on “Switch to advanced settings“. Again enter your domain for “Your Domain”, and again select “Redirect “” to “”.

Well so easy method only 3 step to take, then my dot come back to functioning. Nice and simple step. Now I feel happy again.

404 error Google

What happen to my dot com ?

I just by my domain yesterday but, then something was happen.

I also don’t know why 🙁

Always show this 404 error

Plz anybody dot com help me 🙂 eeee….. I better buy domain with my own hosting..

Sorry…. 🙁 for the broken link